Downtown San Jose Walking Tour-Costa Rica


Downtown San Jose usually cannot be reached at a must-see spot for most tourists in Costa Rica. Most people don’t want to spend time visiting San Jose, but they really miss seeing the really vibrant parts of Costa Rica. It’s certainly crowded and smog, but many people come to New York. And now that you can fly directly to Liberia, you can go out to the beach without stopping in San Jose, but most people are still flying to San Jose International Airport, so go on a walking tour of downtown San Jose. why do not you?

Here is the route to take your friends with you when you go to Costa Rica. Depending on how much time you spend on this tour, a day can take hours.

Those who have a rental car are very cheap. I like the car park opposite the Omni Shopping Center, so I’m starting this tour. Head to East of Calle 4. In the center of Avenida, near Plaza de la Culturera, you can see many people and pigeons playing with street preachers, comedians and musicians. Opposite the square is the famous Teatro Nacional. It opened the door in 1894 and it’s beautiful. Guided tours are available. Opposite the theater is the Grand Hotel de Costa Rica. The most famous hotel in Costa Rica. It was once the most luxurious and luxurious hotel in Costa Rica. They have a nice outdoor cafe where you can have coffee, drinks and snacks. The sandwich de hamon (ham sandwich) is delicious. For gambling types, there is also a casino inside the hotel.

Return to the theater and walk down the lawn stairs at Calle 5 where you will find the ICT tourist office. Open Monday to Saturday 9-1 and 2-5. From there, you can see underground plazas such as the Gold Museum, which displays pre-Columbian artifacts. Admission is $6 and is open daily from 9:30 to 4:30.

The main roads at Plaza de la Cultural are pedestrianized, so cars cannot pass through. You can walk freely. Keep an eye on your valuables and don’t wear jewelry that can be robbed by thieves. Here you can see many shops and restaurants that compete for your attention on both sides of the street.

Some good stops include La Casona, located outside the pedestrian zone. It is a two-story building full of typical Costa Rican souvenirs. All gifts for friends and family can be processed here. There is also Librieria Universal, one of the oldest stores in Costa Rica. You can buy gadgets, maps, books and more. Libreria Lehmann is also a great bookstore.

There is a large monument to democracy in Costa Rica. It’s a group of bronze campessinos who are humbly and proudly looking up. It is in front of a large building called Banco Central. Continue to walk past Costa Rica’s largest department store, La Gloria. Beyond La Gloria is Banco de Costa Rica, a huge black marble building.

Proceed towards Mercado Central. The market is full of shops, restaurants, produce stands and more. Cover the entire block of Avenida Central 1 and call numbers 6-8. A great place to enjoy the daily life of local Costa Ricans. Interesting food and meat are also on display. There are herbs sold for medicinal purposes that claim to cure the disease.

If you are claustrophobic or you don’t like the crowd, don’t visit the market! Two blocks down the historic Correo Central building. If you’re a stamp collector, check out the second floor, where rare old stamps are on display at the Costa Rica Postal History Museum.

Head north to Plaza de la Cultura, past the ICT office and the Gold Museum.

There is a park with Morazin Park in the middle of the city. It is close to the Aurora Holiday Inn. In the center of the park is the Temple of Music, which imitates Paris’s Le Trianon.

A few blocks north, you’ll come across Bolivar Park and the San Jose Zoo, which is open every day from 9-4:30. Admission is about $2.00.

Heading east, you will pass the Espana Park, which is full of plants and trees in the middle of the city. Continue on Avenida 7 and you will find La Casa Amarilla, home of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is a nice park in front of you. Both were donated by Andre Carnegie. The Centronacional de Cartura is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30. There is a museum and a theater. The Museum of Contemporary Art is also open nearby on T-Sa 10-5. Admission is $3 and it has art and exhibits from around the world.

On the hill of Ave 7 is the National Library, Biblioteca Nacional. It faces Parque Nacional, the largest city park. Check back at Monument Nacional, which celebrates the battle. The statue was made at Rodin Studios in France and shipped to Costa Rica.

Opposite the park is a statue of the Costa Rican hero Juan Santa Maria holding his torch and the Legislative Assembly supporting the Costa Rican Parliament.

Two blocks south of Parque Nacional are the National Museum, open Tuesday-Sunday from 8:30-4:30. This is a very popular tourist attraction. Admission is $4 and you can tour the original Bella Vista Citadel. Bullet holes in the 1948 Civil War are still visible. Excellent exhibits in Spanish and English.

The next stop for the museum is the Democratic Square. You can also see it from the museum. This is a fairly new one built in 1989 to commemorate democracy. It features the statue of Jose Figueres, a hero of the civil war of 1948. The former president who abolished the army after the civil war. The square is full of market stalls selling everything from clothing, jewelry, hammocks and crafts.

Place to eat

There are some great spots for a light snack, coffee or a cold serve. Bagel bagelmen is indispensable for good coffee and delicious bagels. Located in Avendia Central, downtown Barrio, California.

Cafe de la Posada in the pedestrian passage on the south side of the National Museum. More local in nature. Good thing.

Jacomin. Coffee and Italian style pastries. It is located near downtown Fissel Pharmacy.

Manolos in the middle of a pedestrian paradise. Excellent Casad and delicious churros.
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Downtown Pops is just around the corner of the Plaza de la Culturale, a pedestrian zone. The best ice cream in town.

If you want, you can find all the franchise items in downtown such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and more. For a little more Latin cuisine, try Lostipolos in downtown, opposite Cinevanidades.

It’s there. Discover all the great spots on this amazing walking tour of downtown San Jose. So wear comfortable shoes and enjoy!
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Smoking and global warming


A final report from Indonesian news agency Pena, from a hotel room in central Jakarta, describes the development of today’s tobacco industry. The report is in the form of a 65-page-thick magazine headed on the first page, “The Hypocrisy and Myth Behind the Tobacco Industry.”

Pena Indonesia claims that this report is based on research reports on various search tobacco industry documents. Also included are two CDs or compact discs containing thousands of documents from Indonesia’s multinational industry. As a document from British American Tobacco or BAT, Philips Morris and others.

The workshop was attended by journalists and health activists. It seeks to provide insights on the existence of confidential documents related to the arrival of giants in the world tobacco industry and their relationship with Indonesia.

The workshop was also supported by the Indonesian representative of the World Health Organization WHO, the IAKMI-Public Health Specialist Association of Indonesia and the SEATCA-The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance.

Pena Indonesia works for 3 months and looks into the computer. Mines thousands of documents online from seven giant cigarettes recorded from the 1960s to the early 2000s. At least about 28 million documents from British American Tobacco or BAT Indonesia are in the digital library at the University of California, San Francisco.

The walkthrough will also take place at the site’s Legacy Tobacco Document Library, which contains internal documentation for Philips Morris, RJ Reynolds, Lorillard, and Brown & Williamson. The results were reported and written by Farid Gaban and Alfian Hamzah of Pena Indonesia news agency and Mardiyah Chamim of Tempo Magazine. Compensation and support in the form of grants from the Washington-based Essential Action Global Toship of Tobacco Control.

This story started in 1998. This year may be the most unfortunate thing for the American tobacco industry. Humin Humphrey III, the Attorney General of Minnesota in the United States, issued a big whistle-like warning to the tobacco industry. The Attorney General has asked seven leading companies in the smoking industry to publish all confidential documents. Aim to find the truth.

These documents are internal documents containing various letters to authorities, scientists, and media tricks that support the tobacco business. Seven giants including Philip Morris Incorporated, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, British American Tobacco (BAT), Brown and Williamson, Ligget Group and the Tobacco Institute, The Council for Tobacco Research and Lorillard Tobacco Company.

US courts have 6 million documents and 35 million pages. Each page is a seal and code number of an industry lawyer to ensure its authenticity. The court also requires tobacco industry officials to deposit documents by 2008.

While in England, a pile of British American tobacco documents were usually kept in a warehouse in Guildford, Surrey, England. The BAT Archive of Online Documentation is held at the University of California, San Francisco, USA.

There are 7 million documents in the form of scanned documents. And spent about four years working hard for their hard work. Unfortunately, according to Duncan Campbell, an American research journalist who helped find smoking industry documents, the claim of about 181 files containing thousands of pages of documents was lost. These missing documents are unclear and may be associated with regions of other countries such as Indonesia.

One of the surveys in the American smoking industry was devised for the film The Insider, which talked about a study in which American TV journalists found a level toxin scam. US media encourages and affects people that smoking is a threat. Tobacco became a public issue, and encouraged strict smoking restrictions and the birth of the basics.

The tobacco industry should be controlled and tightly controlled. Not good climatic conditions for owners of the US tobacco industry. And ask the US government for strict rules that apply only to the US. It also does not apply to international business networks in different parts of other countries. The invasion since 1998 was ongoing. And the purpose that the owner of the cigarette is a country that enters the third country group.

What about the countries in the region, especially Indonesia, in relation to this document? Is Indonesia a third country? Indonesia is a land auction and a paradise for the world tobacco industry. The tobacco industry in Indonesia has reincarnated and looked like its own “kingdom”. He plays many roles and the automatic movement does not have many obstacles and barriers.

Legal, economic, social and political paths. The smoking industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly and was slippery. It borrows the tobacco industry, the heart of the people, which is the largest daily newspaper in West Java, for “dissemination and retention”. Many Indonesian media have not criticized, but they have preached to make deep statements, particularly related to the tobacco industry. Indonesia has developed its business with a wide range of movements, ideas and influences of the tobacco industry.

You can learn a lot from the tobacco industry documentation. Learn how they work, position them, and influence policy makers, the economy, and the media up to the “buy and sell” survey. The document is clear and provides details. To get a complete picture of the building of the entire tobacco industry in the world, we need to work hard, carefully detail and build on sheets of documentation.

According to an organization based on the Southeast Asian Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA), the October 2007 report, “Profiting from Death: Exposed the Tobacco Industry Tactics in ASEAN Countries,” has so far accounted for about 50% of global tobacco consumption in the region. Tobacco consumption. And Asia is considered the future of an important market for the world tobacco industry.

Although 10 countries are members of ASEAN, approximately 31% of ASEAN, or 125.8 million young people, are smokers. Or, about 10%-125 billion-from the number of young smokers in the world, smokers continue to increase, and ASEAN member countries contribute up to 20% to smoking mortality.

SEATCA is a partnership network of state institutions integrated into ASEAN that conducts research, support and capacity building for each member of ASEAN. SEATCA will work with members who have ratified tobacco regulations against the WHO Convention and the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), including Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam, to build advocacy missions. Indonesia is the only country in Asia that has not ratified these treaties at this time.

The WHO Convention on Tobacco Control is essential for its application to the Indonesian tobacco industry. This treaty regulates and controls the tobacco industry. There are about 38 articles in the competition, aiming to improve the quality of health worldwide.

Business development to drive the tobacco industry is not a single strategic one. Business strategies follow the situation in each area of ​​development. He is committed to organizing and deciding target groups, promoting political policies that support good business from government or national representatives, working with anyone to promote and form a complete market. Did.

The tobacco industry builds its image in different ways. Create direct communication with consumers by placing tobacco products from advertising through signage, print advertising, electronic media, posters, accessories, colors and logo outlets that cause images of tobacco products.

Promotional activities by distributing free tobacco samples, coupons, contests, lottery tickets, sports games and race tickets, music concerts, movies, talk shows, corporate social responsibility or activities in the form of corporate social responsibility. The Street Party to (CSR) supports scholarships, environmental projects, and other activities under the name of the company or tobacco industry product. Achievements, including providing scholarships to journalists and school children.

SEATCA surveyed a 2007 survey on the status of rule management regarding promotion, advertising, CSR and sponsorship in seven ASEAN countries. Includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Five countries have very strict rules governing advertising in question, prmosi, sponsorship, and CSR.

These five countries include Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Of these five countries, Thailand has very strict rules and limits for the tobacco industry. Cambodia and Indonesia have the two most free rules, regulations and no regulations.

Cambodia and Indonesia are heavens for the tobacco industry. Both countries are relatively poor countries, right? It is estimated that the poverty rate in Indonesia is 49% and the cost of living in the United States averages $2 a day. Neither has rules or restrictions that strictly control tobacco control issues.

This is the most profitable opportunity for the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry has the power and capital to help maximize its business and profits. The industry generally offers dream medicines and advertising to get out of poverty.

And it offers word-relevant advertising and interesting success. This is a dream and a dream for all. Success of the tobacco industry by providing tobacco. Giving up cigarettes is one of the main ways in which each individual can escape poverty and succeed.

Poverty has become a for-profit area. And the industry was well aware of this situation. Poverty, lack of regional representatives and the role of government, lack of political awareness, and the role of the helpless media in tobacco advertising.

AC Nielsen figures show that advertising spending in the tobacco sector in 2006 was Rp1.6 trillion. Which moron media loses and is there a money offer for that? Some Indonesian media may be conscious and may choose not to accept tobacco ads. But the question is how long the power of this medium will last. Please refrain from the onslaught of cigarette ads.

Tobacco has become a major consumer of the poor. Annual tobacco consumption reached 225 billion cigarettes. Tobacco contains 4000 toxic chemicals. And tobacco is the leading cause of carcinogenic, heart and other illnesses that cause death in the long run. As shown every year in Indonesia, people die and cause as many as 400,000 people, as shown in cigarettes!

The number of smokers in Indonesia has increased sharply. Based on the National Bureau of Statistics of the National Economic Survey for the period 2001-2004, the number of beginner smokers has increased sharply, rising 0.4% to 2.8% under the age of 10. The National Committee on Child Protection has also obtained figures that 90% of teens are smoking to promote Indonesia. Teenagers have become the main target of the tobacco industry.

This number is alarming and in February 2007 some members of Congress moved to make some rules to restrict smoking. These rules are expected to limit, control and limit tobacco issues associated with infant activities. The rule also requires the tobacco excise tax to be raised by 60 percent in order to minimize people buying tobacco. It also encouraged expanding research into the effects of smoking on health.

In 1999, Indonesia passed Government Regulation 81/1999 on Safe Tobacco for Health, Government Regulation 38/1999 on Tobacco Product Advertising Media Procedures, and Government Regulation 19 on the obligation of tobacco manufacturers to include warnings on product packaging. Published /2003.

Indonesia has also benefited from this condition. Last year’s tax from the tobacco industry sector amounted to Rp38.5 trillion. And this year it is expected to increase to Rp 42 trillion.

The tobacco business in Indonesia is very sweet. Two Indonesian families doing business in the rank of cigarettes in Forbes Magazine’s most extensive list in the world. The Rachman Halim family, including the owner of Gudang Garam, which has a US$1.9 billion asset, accounts for 538 warnings. Budi Hartono and the ordering family of Jalm 664 with $1.5 billion in assets.

Most tobacco taxes in Indonesia are cheap compared to other countries. Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore have raised tobacco taxes by 70%. Set your tobacco tax at a maximum of 40% while in Indonesia. At this tax rate, the retail price of tobacco in Indonesia is one-fifth that of Malaysia.

Cheap cigarette prices are boosting consumer smokers in Indonesia. Accessing tobacco is very easy. According to a previous study by WHO and the American Cancer Society, about 70% of Indonesian smokers are men. 3% of female smokers are Indonesian.

Indonesia has a dual role that is misleading. While he earns from tobacco, much of Indonesia will lose its human resources due to tobacco damage. But an Indonesian health insurance company that guarantees his clients about smoking consequences?

The world of smoking cessation campaigns continues to strengthen. A rich country, educated to recognize the dangers of smoking. Smoking cessation movements are more difficult and seek to campaign on this issue at a global movement level. Signed an agreement between the Football Federation (FIFA) and WHO to regulate and ban tobacco sponsorship in the field of football.

MTV supports smoking cessation campaigns and encourages teens not to smoke. Europe and other Asian countries have ratified the Convention in accordance with the Tobacco Control (FCTC).

But resistance to the Indonesian tobacco industry is still very weak. Anti-smoking movement from both citizens, communities and doctors. WHO Indonesia has picked some names for artists and athletes in the national sports quit campaign. Tennis champion Angelique Wijaya, bodybuilder Adeley, and model tray seat Linita.

But on behalf of all three, it is not enough to encourage Indonesian people to establish an anti-smoking movement. Indonesia needs a great person and a steady attitude for a smoking cessation movement. It’s not just a slogan non-smoking course. However, the anti-smoking movement is broad and strategic.

In short, Indonesia’s smoking cessation movement is still classified as powerless. He needs power and strength to stop strong and aggressive opposition from the tobacco industry. And journalists should write a campaign to keep an eye on the expansion of logging from the tobacco industry.

Advertising and propaganda wars in the black smoke world struggle. And Indonesia is a powerful combat area that maps today’s global tobacco world. It is also related to Indonesia’s local tobacco industry. As a local industry of Spirit, Malang, Jember and Kediri. Indonesia’s local tobacco industry has also played an important role in affecting the smoking community.

In Indonesia, it is called a clove cigarette while smoking outside a product called white smoke. The local tobacco industry is a small king tobacco, many of which are in Java. The expansion of the world tobacco industry is driving aggressive and powerful bosses to gain current market share. White cigarettes Cloves cigarettes fight.

Who is the most powerful? The smoking industry to build smoking myths, facts and misleading research. And we know that the victims of battle are the decline of everyday citizens’ health. Indonesia and the country recognize the decline in public health.

The dangers of tobacco and the facts of publicity in the dark tobacco industry are clear. Tobacco is not a compromise, but should be managed and regulated by the government and legislature. Indonesian society should be aware that tobacco is currently a viable epidemic.

The event ended in 2007 and Indonesia was elected for a global discussion on global warming. It was held in Bali in December. Global debate is crucial to discussing and implementing strategic steps related to global warming and environmental issues. Indonesia is also classified as bad in the environmental field.

Indonesia, including areas with a red tendency for environmental issues such as illegal logging, mining, industrial pollution, and automobile waste emissions. This global debate makes decisions and policy is very important. As a result, state leaders and citizens are encouraged to support and implement strategic measures to curb today’s global warming.

I was shocked when he read the daily National Journal. The newspaper advertisement on the main page at the bottom of the column was later directed to the implementation of global warming in Bali. Bright green major ad close to the environmental issue of color icons.

This print ad includes a statement or countdown date for December 2007. These ads also include the name of the tobacco company Sanpolna and the word “green” which can be interpreted to refer to one of Sanpolna tobacco’s main products.

It’s sad to see the global warming debate have to get support from the tobacco industry. Most of the business and its benefits come from the Indonesian poor. Probably the sadness that remains unreleased and forgotten voice in the noisy turmoil of global warming.

This is an important note, the mirror itself, the question for all of us. Environmental problems are common. He moved away from his conscience and our common sense. What’s the value of a global warming event coming from a tobacco company? However, tobacco is a toxin and one of the leading causes of death. Isn’t it correct that global warming measures come from the tobacco industry?

A pile of internal documents in the tobacco industry for which they provided clear answers. Develop tactics, plans, strategies, political lobbying for issues and raise awareness about errors and dirty cigarettes.

I am very sorry that there are dirt and thorns on global warming. This will be the wedge and slap of the world cliché. It’s as if life began with a cigarette.

The cigarette slogan is not lip service. And the strength of Indonesia’s tobacco industry demonstrates that fact. And this is not true. The tobacco industry is seen as making traps and myths. Tobacco is an important issue for humanity. Living in a world of cigarettes full of compromise, fraud and darkness strategies.

And, as Ben Johnson wrote long ago in The Alchemist, it’s probably true in the world’s tobacco struggle. “

It’s a sequel.


Stone Forest Poetry (Introductory, English and Spanish)


Prologue (or getting started)A city located approximately 15,000 feet and 4310 meters high in the Peruvian Andes, about 5 hours by bus from Huancayo in Peru, is called Cerro de Pasco and is considered the tallest city in the world. The high Sierra here is home to sacred stone sanctuaries, stone forests, Peruvian geological wonders, and the mystery of the world, known as Huelai. They are carved by God’s hand into animals, humans, plants and everything through Mother Nature. It is undoubtedly one of the most speculative areas in Peru and one of the most ecologically secret places in the world.

I have been to Peru 9 times. I spent 18 months in Peru writing about its culture, customs and traditions. I have challenged every direction one can do in Peru, which is more mysterious and versatile than Egypt. Or, so far, Pascocello is one of the most important regions I’ve found in the world, in more than 60 countries I’ve been to and researched so far. People are warm (or at least they were to me).

Stone Forest is a national habitat for stone animals, forests and creatures, with yellow rolling fields, cows and alpaca. It’s not as cold as Minnesota, where I live, but it’s a very cold area. Nevertheless, the people who live in this part of the country do not seem to care, and although many have slightly rosy cheeks from bitter winds and cold, they live here, And I think a person might ask (whether in Minnesota) why it might get complicated, answer, or oversimplify. In most cases, I think it’s because of my friendliness and the beauty of the place. The same is true for Stone Forest, as well as the Mantaro Valley in Minnesota or Peru.

The height of these stone animals is 2-4 levels, or 20-45 feet in height, while daddy bears are 90 feet. This vast forest (6815 hectares) has 4000 figures and is the largest stone forest in the world.

It feels almost like you can jump and grab a little cloud hanging above you, because you’re higher than anything else in the world. And for those adventurous people, it’s (absolutely) the most exciting gem for mountaineering and only created by the person who created us.

And for those who can’t get to this sanctuary, I’m the happiest if you turn a few pages and visit Stone Forest with me! have a nice trip! D.L.Siriuk

Spanish version

Prólogo (o Introducción): Arriba en Los Andes de Perú, alrededor de 4310 metros sobre el nivel del mar, resid una ciudad llamada: Cerro de Pasco, cerca de cinco horas desde Huancayo, Perú, enautobús, y thinkada la ciudadmás alta en el Aquí en las altas sierras hay unárea conocida como Huayllay, un santuario para las piedras sagradas, un bosque de piedras, una maravillageológicade Perú, y misterio para el mundo. Ellas han sido talladas por la mano de Dios en animales, figuras humanas, plantas y muchomás, través de la madre naturaleza. Es sin lugar a dudas, una de la sáreas máse speculativas de Perú, y uno de los lugarese cológicosmás secretos en el mundo.

He founded Peru Nu Beves, Esta Ultima Beth Estui Peru, 18 Meals, Escribiendo Sobres Culturala, Costume y Tradiciones. I am Aventurad en Todas Directors en Ombre Puede en Peru, Es Mas Asson Broso y Versatil Egypt. O en realidad, másque los 60 países en los que hasta ahora, estuve y exploré, y Cerro de Pasco está entre los lugares mása preciados queen contré en el mundo. La gente es muy acogedora (o al menos lo fueron conmigo).

El Bosque de Piedras Essun Habitat Natural Paralos Animals de Piedra, Ibosque, Ecclecia Ras Vivientes, Conon Rados Campos Amarillos, Ibacus y Alpaca do Aredo Redo. estambién un lugar muy frío para estar, aunque no tanto como en el estado dondenací y vivo en Estados Unidos, Minnesota, perofrío de todas maneras. No Obstante, La Gente de Esta Parte del Pais Palace, Preocupar, I Mos de Eros Tien Meheras Rosadas Pol Bient Herado, Pol El Julio, Anche Eros Biben Alli, Lee Spongo (Como en Minnesota), Podemos Pregantal Porque respuesta complicada, o muy simplificada. Irama Mayor Parte del Tiempo Cleo Queseria Porra Familia, Iravel The Del Ruger. Como en Minnesota, O en el Valle del Mantaro de Peru, Ashi, La Mizuma Verdado Sostien Para el Bosque de Piedra

Estos animales de piedra son de dos cuatro pisos de altura, o decir de seis a dece a doce metros (excepto por el Papá Oso, que tiene treinta metros de altura). Hay como cuatro mil figuras a través de este bosque inmenso (que tiene 6815 hectáreas). S. Bosque De Piedras Mas Grande del Mundo.

Túcasi sientes que puedes saltar y agarrar un poco de las nubes colgadas arriba, está stan alto encima de todo en el mundo. Y para aquella gente aventurera, es (ciertamente) una gema muy inspiradora para escalar, y creada porningú notro que el Ser que nos creo.

¡ Y ahora para aquella gente que no puede ir a est Santuario, estaré muy feliz si volteas unas cuantaspáginas y visitas conmigo el Bosque de Piedras! ¡ Que tengas un buen viaje! D. L. Siriuk

Part 1

Great stone bear

(Seven poems)


Stone forest festival

((9-6-2007, No:1977) (Cerro de Pasco))

I have great freedom fun.

The festivals in the city of Fuerai come in many colors.

Open area, bleachers, stands,

The sun is shining like an unstoppable storm,

Run like an alpaca in colorful clothes, like a flying condor

Get out on the street and take part in the race.

Smile and laugh! A busy person as a bee!

Everyone gets ready for something and warms their hearts

Boyfriends and girlfriends are all dressed up in coats:

The pale face from the cold of the morning!

A person who is thinking of an unlikely dangerous thing

Only this day may bring…

The dusty squares have music and flares.

Dance and sing! People dreaming after drinking

Drunk as a skunk…!

The afternoon starts with a race-to-race

If you do not participate, forever

I was somewhere but just waiting.

Alongside the festival along the way

Cars and taxis are waiting, waiting,

To make fruits from their labor.

Some people hang along the fence,

A dream or hallucination?

Many dressed in masks-and traditional clothes,

Reminiscent of a great flight of imagination.

There is a horse on the embankment

Towering rocks, children, adults

Riding back and forth…several climbing hills,

Some kisses, hugs, like cloud nine,

Music and noise always ring.

The festival is a crazy, crazy world

That happy hell and comics and dreamy.

My head is spinning, spinning, spinning-

Noise does not disappear

Like a crystal chandelier, my mind is floating,

But forever, forever, forever…

Spanish version

Festival Anel Bosque de Piedras

((6-Septiembre-2007, #1977) (Cerro de Pasco))

Entretenido estoy, con una libertad magnífica,

El Festival de la Ciudad de Feilethien Unavariado do de Colors.

En Las Elias Abiertas, En Las Bancas, En Los Puestos,

el solestá radiando como una tormenta unavoidable,

mientras las alpacas coloridamente vestidas,

corren comocón dores voladores,

abajo de la calle para unirse a la carrera.

¡ Sonrisas y risas! gente ocupada como las abejas!

Todosestán listos para algo, corazones acogedores

enamorados, enamoradas todos vestidos atractivamente con sacos:

¡ caraspálidaspor el frío de la mañana!

Gente pensando en algo arriesgado, muy probablemente

esteúnicodía podrátraer …

En la plaza polvorienta hay música y luces;

Dance, cant! Ghent Tomand y Sonand,

unos cuantos ebrios como mofetas!

Latarde Cairbrecon Carreras Sobre Carreras

y sitúno participas, dirás por siempre

estuveallí, enalgúnsitio, perosóloes perando.

Jen El Camino, the Loralgo del Festival,

Karos y taxi Esperan, Esperan,

Para Sakar Fultos De Sus Labors.

Alguna gentesóloha ciendo tiempo a lo largo de las rejas,

talvez soñandoo alucinando.

Muchos vestidos con más caras–yropas tradicionales,

reviviendo el gran vuelo de la imaginación.

Hey Kavalos en los Parapetos

por la saltísima srocas, niñosy adultos

cabalgando de ida y vuelta … algunos escalando los cerros,

algunos besándose, abrazándose, como si, en las nubes,

música y bulla retumbando todo el tiempo.

L Festival Esloco (Mundroco)

cómicoy soñador con su infierno feliz.

¡ Mi cabeza estágirando, virando, dando vueltas–

la bulla nunca se detiene,

como un candelabro de cristal, mi mente flota y se mueve,

pero yo espero, espero, espero, sóloun ratomás…!


Birth of the Great Stone Bear

Here you are wearing a warm cloth

To honor the Great Bear!

Yes, it is.

Is to honor this old stone bear

Born in the twilight of human history.

Here-Stone Forest is open to yellow


A voice that says alive

And the child of God,

We can be pleased with the sculptures he created

Near the top of the world, Cerro de Pasco.

Here in Stone Forest-The Unimaginable Place

Resident; who believe it?

Out in this naked yellow field,

Large stone body of a prehistoric bear

Wait until noon

Cool and rough cut his shadow


Note: Written 7 hours after I saw the Great Stone Bear (Papaoso). No: 1970 (September 3, 2007) Dedicated to the Mayor of Ticevalle Ramirez (in Cerro de Pasco) who helped me get to the bear’s place. And much more, without that assistance, this book would be impossible.

Spanish version

Ernacimient del Gran Oso de Piedra

Aquíestamos, todos vestidos con ropas abrigadoras

¡ para honrar al Gran Oso!

Si, esasí;

es honrar a este viejo oso de piedra,

nacido antes del crepúsculo de la historia humana.

Aqui-Aquel Bosque De Piedras Esta Avierto A

Unprad Department Store Marillo

voces di cién domestic estando vivo

y siendo un hijo de Dios,

podemos regocijarnos de las esculturas que El ha creado,

sobre la cima del mundo, cerca a Cerro de Pasco;

aquí en el Bosque de Piedras-Unimaginable power

Live; quién locreería?

Fuera de este desnudo, campo Amarillo,

el grandioso cuerpo de piedra de una prehistóricooso

Espera Hastara Primera Horadera Talde

¡ para bajar su sombra en la fresca y coloreada


Note: Escritodes pués de siete horas de haber visto al Gran Oso de Piedra (Papá Oso). Dedicado al Alcalde de Cerro de Pasco Ing. Tito Valle Ramírez por su asistencia ayudán domea llegar al sitio dondeestá El Oso; y muchomás, sin esa ayuda este libro no hubiera sido Possible.

# 1970 (September 3, 2007)


Trout and fish bones

Pachamanca and pancakes

(Fuerei Festival)

Mysterious beauty is rare

There are few drinks in this fountain.

Near, near Cerro de Pasco

Freshly made event-

Coming to life, but once a year…:

A rare and mysterious Stone Forest Fair.

Here, friends, drinking,

Cultural food, eg giant pancakes

Soaked in coffee or cola.

Delicious trout if you care about weeds

Through the endless bones… oh yeah

Yes, it’s trout, trout, trout, everywhere!

Pachamanca, a mountain of food,

Beef, pork, chicken,

Beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes,

Everything in the hot holes

Stones to surround and cover

The food is pretty well cooked!

And about songs and dance

Breath of Stone Forest…

Hear between morning and night

The song is all day, late at night…! Until,

Until the guards close the gate-

And sleep a decorative alpaca.

Note: Dedicated to Cesar Cruz Cordoba for his constant support while I was in and around Cerro de Pasco, he was all safe during my three-day visit, or I and my wife worked well. He was like a brother who guaranteed to go. No: 1972 (September 3, 2007)

Spanish version

Tortchaeuwe Sos de Pescad

Pachaman Kai Punke

(Festival Defaire)

Belleza con misterio es raro

muy pocos beben de esta fuente;

Perocercano, Serca de Cerro de Pasco

un reciente evento preparado–

Cobra Vida Una Vez Arano…:

El La Roy Mysterio So Festival Del Bosque de Piedras.

¡ Aquípodemos ver: amigos, bebidas,

Comida Stipicas, Como: Enorm Panke

tomados con café o gaseosa;

o truchas deliciosas, si a uno le importa escarbar

traves de los huesos interminables-Oh si,

si, están por todas partes, ¡ trucha, trucha, trucha!

Y Lapachamanca, Unapira de Comida, Avarotada

con carnes de: res, chancho, pollo;

Havasu, Papas y Camotes,

todos metidos en un hueco en la tierra caliente

con piedras que lo rodean y cubren

la comida cocinándolomuy bien–!

Y en todo alrededor canciones y bailes–

y un hálito del Bosque de Piedras … a la mano.

Entrela Magna Nainoche, Sepede Oeil

canciones todo el día–hastatarde en la noche …! Hasta

hasta que el guachimánci erra la puerta–

Run y ​​las decorativas alpacas dormir.

Note: César Cruz Córdova Dedicado, Por su ayuda constante mientras estaba en Cerro de Pasco y alrededores, el fue como un hermanoasegurándoseque todo me vaya bien y sin Incidentes a mi y mi esposa, durante nuestros tresdiís

# 1972 (September 3, 2007)


Roads, fields, stones


In the car, in Fuei

Or Stone Forest, you notice

Many things:

Utility pole, one each

Old dirt road;

Field, fence

Behind that is a cow

Slowly their eyes jump down on you

-And past them, Papa Stone Bear

(90 feet tall);

And everything is soaked in darkness

Stone forest.

The sun has set,

Stone forest lights

(Black, gray of stone trees, etc.

Nun’s Army-all in one)!

Huayllay, and on those stone trees

Scattered one by one

Through the field

Weed and brownish


I made the truck waterless. Stream all


It was nice to get on,

And walk towards these stone animals-

And to see the sun in the fields, and

More dignified stone tree

More than ever;-stone statue,

(Animal) Everything is frozen due to stone death…

And all holes and grooves

Road back to Cerro de Pasco:

Full of private rain.

Note: 1973 (September 3, 2007)

Spanish version

Caminos, Campos I Piedras


Viajando en un carro, en Huayllay

o, El Bosque de Piedras, Tonotas


postes de teléfonos, uno a uno a lo largo

de los antiguos caminos de tierra;

en los campos, rejas

ydetrás de ellas, vienen las vacas–

Rent-A-Mente-Suofos Sultan Hassati

–y pasando ellas, El Papaso de Piedra

(Treinta metros de altura);

y en todo alrededor, la oscuridad se empapa dentro

Del Bosque de Piedras.

El sol a la deriva baja, y el

bosque de piedras se enciende

(Gris sobre negro, árboles de piedra, como

unejército demonjas–¡ todosse vuelven uno)!

En Huayllay, y sobre aquello sárboles de piedras

dispersos uno por uno,

Traves de los Campos-

se puede ver ichus y

rastrojo parduscos,

y caminos inclinados regados; riachuelos todos


Es unasatisfacción estar recorriendo,

y yendo hacia estos animales de piedras–

Y ver el sol en los campos, y

losárboles de piedramás distinguidos

que nunca; –figuras de piedras,

(Animal) todos congelados en una muerte de piedra …

Y todos los huecos y zanjas

Loralgo del Camino de Regreso Cello de Pasco:

lleno de una lluvia Propia.

Note: # 1973 (September 3, 2007)


Break at Cerro de Pasco

We have been in the last 3 nights,

Cerro de Pasco, Peru:

Magnificent place,

The highest city in the world.

Mining country and alpaca country.

I slept at a lovely pink tourist hotel.

It’s strange that it’s not far from the city.

And the mystery of the world.

Here everything is a bit slow.

Here people still wear them

Clothing before the Incas in the town,

And many of the houses are still sun-dried.

This mountain town, eyes and head

Of the world,

Seems to overlook the Sierra

These dangerous Andes. And give them time

Not responsible.

Get on and off tomorrow

And through these high mountains.

Rich in minerals and air!

I feel and feel all day long

I am full of love

City and its stone forest.

Someday come back and enjoy

once again-

Intoxicating cold air

A miner was born.

No: 1971 (September 3, 2007)

Spanish version

Descansand Ancelo de Pasco

Dormimos las pasadas tres noches, en

Cerro de Pasco, Peru:

un lugarmagní fico, la

ciudadmás alta en el mundo.

Nación de mineros, ynación de alpacas.

Dormimos Ambonito Hotel De Tristar Rosado.

Mirejos de la Ciudad Estauna Mara without villa

y misterio para el mundo.

Aquí, todo es un poquitomáslento.

Aqui, Ragento Davia Vissus

ropas pre-incas alrededor de la ciudad,

y muchas de las casa saunson de adobe

Esta Ciuda Andina, Los Ophos Ikabeza


parece mirar abajo a las Sierras,

estos Andes peligrosos; y Paraeros, El Tiempo

it’s incomprehensible.

Mañana recorreremos afuera y abajo

y traves de estas altas montañas.

Tanrico Ann Mineral Yale!

Todo Eldia Sentient

Que estoy lleno de amor, y me gusta esta

ciudad y su Bosque de Piedras.

Argundia Volvere, Irradis Furutare

de nuevo–

El Vigo Rizzante Aire Fress Coonde

los mineros nacieron.

# 1971 (September 3, 2007)


In the early stages of Cerro de Pasco

I’m getting up early on TV

The news leaf has fallen.

The sky is white clouds and deep blue

It extends from thin to thick.

There is a noise in the corridor

This hotel…

I first saw the light

Side window… (Woke up)

Cold water on faucet

Fell into my hand-chilled at night!

I woke up from a light sleep

Like the horizon… slowly.

On a new day, I am “coffee!”

The depth of the night

Disappeared from a puddle

On the ground-;

I’m looking forward to seeing you that day.

Note: What was written at 8:06 am got up an hour early. It’s Tuesday at Hotel Senorial. It was in room 206. Rosa went for coffee and a donut for me, she just came back and soon came out again, informing him that he would go to meet Mayor Tito Valley Ramirez. No: 1974 (September 4, 2007)

Spanish version

Levan Tandoze Templano Ancelo De Pasco

Levante Temprano. En la television

los trozos de noticias han caído.

El azul profundo del cielo con nubes blancas

Todas Dispersus, Delgadas Glusas.

Oíalgo de ruido en el pasadizo

De Este Hotel…

Yo vi la luz, primero por el

Rad de la Ventana… (medespertó)

El Agua Fridercano

cayó en mismanos–¡ nochefría!

Estoy despierto de unsueñoligero

Como and Horizonte … Rent-a-Mente.

Sobre El Dia Nuevo, Pienso “Cafe”

La profundidad de la noche ha

Desa Palaisido de Los Charcos

de la tierra–;

Espero ahora en encontrar el día.

Note: Escrito a las 8:06 a.m. Medesperté una hora antes. Es jueves y estoy en el Hotel Señorial. Estamos en la habitación 206, Rosa fue a comparar una donut paramí, ella justo volvió, yrápidamentese fue de nuevo a ver al Alcalde, Ing. Tito Valle Ramirez, Paraha Seresa Berke Estabamos Partiend

# 1974 (September 4, 2007)


San Juan dog

(Quick reflection)

Ancient mines and mountains

Sneak into the city of Cerro de Pasco

(At the lake and quarry), as

Asahi Beam, dog guide pack

Roaming from

From yard to yard…

(Funny, I can’t see the cat!).

It was written on a bus near Junin and left Cerro de Pasco. (9-4-2007) No: 1975; In a three-day reflex I had in town, I saw dogs roaming around, crushing fences one after another. Not a cat on the site. Also, “Doris (and the forgotten bear) were written on the same day during the bus (No: 1976).

Spanish version

Los Peros de San Juan

(A Reflexión Rápida)

Rasmina Sui Montana Antigua

De Cerro de Pasco, Cederi Zan en la Ciudad

(Con el lago y la cantera), mientras que los

Layos del Sol de la Magnana, Guanuna Cuadrila de Peros

que rondan de

Patio Patio…

(Gracioso, ¡no veo un gato!).

Escrito en el autobús cerca de Junín, alejándonos de Cerro de Pasco.

Reflexiones de los tres díasen que estuve en la ciudad, y vi a los perros rondar en cuadrillas, atravesando una rejades pués de otra. No Javier Ungato En El Luger (September 4, 2007) # 1975.

Tambien, “Doris (y el Oso Olvidado) fue escrito mientras estaba en el autobús. # 1976



(And a forgotten bear)

Birds every hour

Doris’s uncle and Shepherd’s aunt

I often see…

Kite from children’s hands

I have even touched-

And maybe a frog, a cow,

Creatures of all kinds have seen it,

When Mayor Tito Valle asked

Doris showing me a bear,

She said, “Yes!”-Not much.

I know what he is talking about.

-But she then told me:

“I thought I would understand later.

But that was the first thing I heard about bears! “

Note: Oh, I can take a lot of notes about this, but I’ll leave it as it is controversial. On the other hand, I have been guilty of this many times while in the Army. But it all works, and if you look for it, it’s not a humorous life. No: 1976, dedicated to Doris Ticse Arteaga. (September 4, 2007)

Spanish version


(Y el Oso Olvidado)

Los pájaros vuelan sobre este, cada hora,

Eltio Dedris Una Tier Pastora

lo ven muy frecuentemente …

Cometas de la Mano de los Niños

incluso lo han tocado–

y Tarbes, Rana’s, Bakas y

toda clase de criaturas vivientes lo han visto,

Peroc and El Alcaldetito Valle Lepidio

Doris me mostrara el oso,

ella dijo “claro” -realmente

sabiendo de quééles taba hablando There is no.

–Pero ella me contódes puésque dijo:

“Averiguaré, averiguaré estomástarde,

Pero Esta Es La Primera Bézque Escucho Sable El Oso

Note: ah, podría acer muchas notas sobre esto, pero lode jaréesto en paz por controversia, por otro lado, soy responsable de estotambién, muchas veces cuando estaba en elejército. Pero to doresultó muy bien, y la vida¿ no estállena de humor ?, sitúbuscas esto.

# 1976 (September 4, 2007) Doristisse Arteaga.


Stone snail, blue

Two of us now

Be here-1

Alive, stone

We sit still:

















2006年9月6日執筆((No:1978)(1:50 PM))ダイアナ、キャロル、ノエミの3人の若い女性ガイドに捧げる



Ahora ambos de nosotros

Siendo cosas–uno

vivo、otro piedra

nos sentamosaquí:

El Viento


El Viento


(la lluviaestáviniendo):

el Gran Caracol de Piedra、

es la mejor parte

de esta parte del parque–、


esto me dice de su eminencia



(estatuas de piedra)-aparentemente、

colgadas en el aire、

en esta casa de piedra

sobre un techo de azul。

エスクリトエル6-Septiembre-2007(#1978–1:50 p.m.)Dedicado a nuestras tresjóvenesguíasde turismo:Diana、Carol yNoemíque fueron muy amables。






























It’s a sequel.


Cheating-from suspicion to evidence


Has anyone ever read the statistics on the prevalence of infidelity? Who among us, even if we suspect our spouse, hasn’t come across one of the thousands of “flirt spouse signatures” lists that have recently become widespread on the Internet?

Don’t worry about the statistics-they are based on numbers including others. And “the signs of an unfaithful spouse” alone do not prove anything. “What if I suspect my spouse is having an affair?”

As a private detective who has worked with thousands of people over the years, many would like to offer some suggestions regarding the alleged infidelity:

Open your mind Most of the “story” signs of cheating spouses using the Internet today can be plausibly explained by factors that have nothing to do with the incident. Even the seemingly horrifying evidence can be plausible. In my one case, my husband found another male underwear in his drawer and was upset by this supposed evidence of his wife’s infidelity. In the end, it turned out that the underwear belonged to my client’s father-in-law who spent the night at the couple’s house the weekend before.

In my practice, I have found that at least 25% of my clients are wrong about suspicion. These were clients who were relatively confident about the case before they hired me. What I sometimes find is that the “other woman” is actually a bar in the local tavern, a buddy whose wife no longer wants to date her husband, or even a local slot casino. In other cases, the “cheating spouse” is not found to be having an affair and is preparing to leave the marriage altogether.

You may need to follow up on your doubts to rest your mind, but it is essential that you do it openly.

Don’t face your spouse. Without evidence, the conflict serves no purpose. Think for a moment-those who are willing to cheat their spouse are probably those who lie about it when asked. At the same time, no one will admit that they do not have. The answer is the same in both scenarios: “No honey, I’m not having an affair.” The confrontation only serves to inform your spouse that you are suspicious. If your spouse is cheating, your showdown will only harm your ability to conduct meaningful future investigations.

Save the conflict in case you know what the truth is.

Act normally. Careless of any of us being considered a fool, our ego frequently asked to stand up and declare “I’m not an idiot-you know what you are doing” I will. But, like the conflict mentioned above, this kind of declaration is only useful for alerting fraudsters that you have become suspicious. This makes it difficult for spouses to obtain evidence of infidelity as they try to hide their activities. So long as you’re interested in getting to the root of doubt, the best thing for you is to play the role of a fool. Smile-Attractive (unless it’s unusual for you)-Your normal self. You want your spouse to think you aren’t expecting anything.

If, like many people, you simply cannot hide your despair through this emotionally tested time-consider providing a plausible explanation for your attitude (eg. “Oh, that’s just my stress at work, that’s it.”)

Carefully choose who to share your doubts with. During such emotionally challenging times, you may find it necessary to speak to someone who empathizes with your concerns. This is a normal natural need and can be a healthy outlet for your stress. However, keep in mind that people tend to be related to people they encounter in their daily lives. That is, colleagues at work, neighbors, spouses of best friends, best friends, siblings of the same sex. For this reason, it is absolutely essential not to share your suspicions with anyone who may be part of the problem. I tell all clients, “When you’re done, tell the world that you hired a PI and keep quiet until then.” Many cases have been spoiled due to clients trusting the wrong person.

If you absolutely need to share your concerns with others-a friend living in another state, a trained counselor, or far away (geographically desirable), they may not be involved Please share with others who have. But keep in mind-this person will probably find the need to tell someone they trust. And that person will find the need to tell someone they trust. Be very careful about who you ultimately confide.

Evaluate your relationship You’ll find that you’re asking some pretty difficult questions throughout the discovery process. We recommend including “What do you really want in this relationship?” On the question list.

Often overwhelmed by the prospect of being “victims” of unfaithfulness, one cannot help wondering if one really cares whether a marriage or relationship has ended. This is when her husband says “I’m a lie, cheating, useless, socially lost” when an angry wife spends time on the phone with her husband. -In lieu of discussing her allegations of infidelity,” we may also ask the fiancée to watch just before the wedding. My question is always “Why do you get married in the first place if you have to hire a PI to determine if your fiance is cheating on you?”

Base your decisions on what you want to do in your relationship, not on the fact that you may be the victim of your adultery. Ask yourself, “Do you want to be with this person regardless of whether your spouse is cheating on me?”

Be prepared for what can happen. Even if you finally find out that your spouse is having an affair, you may be 100% devoted to your marriage, but it does mean that your spouse is devoted as well. Does not mean that It takes two people to get married. If your spouse is having an affair, it is likely due to some unmet needs from the marriage that your spouse may not be interested in resolving with you. Can be sure

You may not be interested in preparing for separation or divorce now, but that doesn’t mean your spouse isn’t. I’ve seen a few who are actively engaged in preparing for their marriage (for example, opening a separate bank account, looking for an apartment). Now it may be a good time to take some basic steps to prepare for a result that is not your choice.

Copy your address book, copy important documents, make a photo of your personal belongings at home, open a name-only credit card, open a name-only check or savings account, a password to access your voicemail Please consider changing your online account, copy important negatives or photos. Most of this document, including photos, fits on a single CD and should be kept outside the house shared with your spouse. If you think about it-many of these steps were something you should have taken long ago to prepare for a fire in the house that could occur to any of us.

A word of caution here-don’t go crazy. Courts generally treat disadvantages such as emptying checks and savings accounts, changing door locks, and depriving other spouses access to a couple’s funds and property. Moreover, you are not actually planning a divorce-you are preparing to prepare for the sudden and unilateral end of your relationship with your spouse.

Investigate the law Most people who seek my surveillance service do so because of the “need to know.” I already know (or know) that the court in my state wouldn’t arbitrate a big screen TV and a nice sofa/loveseat combination if only the spouse could be proved by the “no-fault” divorce law. I believe that). I am having an affair. However, this does not necessarily negate the need for legal advice.

If you are in the process of deciding whether to divorce (rather than working on a marriage) or just want to know the fare if your spouse makes that decision on your behalf, study divorce on this occasion We recommend that you the law of your state. How are properties split? Would it help your case if you could show that your spouse is having an affair? Who is more likely to take care of your child? What about spouse and child support?

Some of this rudimentary research can be done free of charge without leaving home. Just enter the state name and “divorce” or “child custody” into your favorite search engine and you’ll have access to a wealth of information via the Internet (eg “Minnesota divorce” or “child custody Minnesota”. ). Of course, you should only consider this study as “preliminary”. If you think you will eventually decide to end your marriage (or your spouse will decide), sit back and consult an attorney.

Collect evidence. Now is the time to document the evidence of possible incidents and write down the allegations. Consider writing it down or entering the details in a password protected document on your computer. Don’t rely on your memory.

We do not recommend that someone actually go out and attempt their own research or surveillance. These are very good reasons and it’s best left to specialized investigators. However, the time and date of the suspicious activity that notices the pattern, the strange phone number displayed on the caller ID unit, or the call history of the mobile phone, between the actual odometer reading and the spouse’s work place. You need to be aware of the discrepancy in the round trip distance. It may seem strange, but keep notes of non-suspicious times and events. For example, you may believe that your spouse is traveling to another state for a business meeting next Wednesday, but not necessarily. Only after the incident is fully revealed are some of these other details seen from another perspective.

It is now time to collect other details that may be useful to a detective if they decide that an investigation is needed. That information includes the spouse’s employer, employer’s address, spouse’s car model license plate, spouse’s friends and family names and addresses, spouse’s photo or jpg, someone’s name and details. May be You think your spouse may be looking (ie address, vehicle info, etc.). Don’t wait until the last moment you can start collecting these facts. You want to start collecting them now so they are ready when the need to move forward arrives.

Consider hiring a licensed private detective. Whether you choose to hire a private detective should be based on several different factors-at least your psychological “need to know”, the ability to fund an investigator, and a professional with a license. The need evidence that the house documents is a case for legal purposes.

Avoid the temptation to track your spouse. Even if I have more than 20 years of surveillance experience and I think my wife is having an affair, I will be the last person to try to track my wife. To work for me, I have to hire another PI. This is due in part to the fact that none of us are visible. If you track someone in a car, stopping at a traffic light will necessarily mean you are right behind you. Get ready to wave your spouse in the mirror to see who’s behind the car! Private detectives can now evade-at the signal they are fooled by their flirt spouse, even if they are in a vehicle just behind him or her, and optionally sitting on a bar stool next to your spouse. Another Joe.”

And it’s a serious mistake for your friend to play the role of PI. Contrary to what some think, it’s much more important to have discreet surveillance than just sitting in the car for a few hours and then tracking the spouse. Cheating spouses are wary of being caught, and many are taking steps to ensure they are not obeyed. Your friends rarely have the skills necessary to maintain contact with your spouse, but at the same time convince him or her that they are not followed. If caught, it could jeopardize future surveillance activities (even experts), reveal suspicion to spouses, and cause legal problems for yourself and your friends, depending on the laws of your state. there is.

Unless I need oversight within Minnesota, I don’t think I can support your research needs. However, over time, you’ll find qualified and competent field agents in your area. You can easily find it, such as opening the Yellow Pages directory or doing an online search for private detectives through your favorite search engine (“Minnesota Private Detectives”, “Private Detectives Minneapolis”, etc.).

We recommend that you choose the investigators from your own area, not the outfit of the country that declares that you have investigators in your area. Make sure the detective agency has an address. You can also make sure they are licensed, guaranteed and insured. And finally-make sure they are specialized in conducting surveillance.

Discuss it. If, for all your worries, you decide that your spouse is not having an affair (and hope you do), you spend most of your day getting legal resources online. I read and talked to the investigators. Make one or two copies of your important documents or photos. It had to be copied for unrelated reasons for a long time. By now, you wanted to reassess the relationship, make things work (or not make them work), and in the worst-case scenarios you confided to your friends or relatives about your unfounded suspicions. Now is the time to get rid of those notes about your spouse, shred PI’s business cards and invoices (if you went that far), and discuss it intimately with yourself to protect it. is. It is also a time to look back on the reason why I was made to believe that there was an incident in the first place.

For others, when the overwhelming evidence of this incident comes out, it’s time to “face up” the problem. However, do so only if additional investigation or oversight may not be necessary.

Keep in mind, however, that when you meet someone, you often have a defensive attitude. This is because the spouse is usually caught “out of hand” and you don’t know how to react to the fact that you know about the case. After all, were there no previous signs of knowing what was happening?

Some of my clients have told their spouse their spouse by discussing it in a “factual” way, after proactively warning the cheating spouse first to deal with it in the near future. It reports that it was successful in making it acknowledged.

On the day I decide to talk to my spouse, I say, “I know you. I want to talk after work.” Then leave and leave or hang up. This gives your spouse time to think about how they are trying to handle things. Often they go home and admit cases that would not have been admitted if they were pressed against the wall in a confrontational manner. Some flirt spouses are relieved to actually get caught.

Do not disclose everything you know. It is tempting for some clients to disclose a survey report, including still images captured from videotape, to their spouse, yelling “Look at this.” However, this is the last thing to do.

An investigative report is produced to give you the evidence you need to make informed decisions. It’s not ready to prove to your spouse that he or she is having an affair. After all, your spouse already knows what the facts are.

When we tell someone we know, we inadvertently tell him or her the accuracy of what we do not know. For example, suppose you meet her with a videotape entering another hotel with another man and a research report (no video or stills) detailing dinner with the same man two weeks ago. By revealing this evidence, I’m effectively telling my wife that she doesn’t know she traveled with a man going to Bermuda to be a business trip to Minneapolis. I told her before dinner two weeks ago that there was no evidence of the incident. You told her there was no evidence that she kissed her lover in the car after dinner. You told her that she had no clue as to how she spent the day with this man the day before the hotel rendezvous. You put her card on the table and told her how much you didn’t know. After all, if you know these other facts-why not face her like those? Where can I find a report detailing these facts?

Armed with the above fictional research report, the wife may admit to having dinner with a platonic “friend” and the fact that he entered the hotel with him two weeks later. “But he’s just a friend. We didn’t do anything but talk. He was struggling and he wanted my advice. I knew you couldn’t understand. I didn’t tell you because it looks ugly, you don’t trust me-you are always blaming my worst, and what’s wrong with you Also-Courage to hire a PI to violate my privacy anyway!”

Please keep the evidence to yourself. It’s your proof-not your spouse. Your knowledge is your power. Your spouse does not know how strong you are. Instead (using the fictitious situation above) to the spouse, “Cindy, you know that you have an affair with Dan. How do I know, or how much do I know I’m not interested in discussing what’s going on, all I need to know is if you are willing to put an end to this case and work on this marriage-this will tell you everything Would you like to ask, or if you would rather hide the details and make an excuse, in this case, would this marriage tell me about it?”

How you handle your particular suspicions is ultimately up to you. You may feel totally lonely when you have a hard time finding answers, but the above advice is not from me, but to myriad others-like you who came before you. People-understand what comes from.

Good luck.

You are free to reprint this article on your website, provided you leave the copy intact (including the active link and each of this paragraph) and include the resource box below. Otherwise, All Rights Reserved-Copyright 2009 Blue Heron Investigations

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Signs of abuse and neglect in nursing homes


One of the most difficult decisions a family must consider is the need to have an elderly loved one in a nursing home. Not only can you feel guilty because you are unable to care for the people who raised you, but there are also concerns and fears of leaving the health and well-being of frail elderly to the hands of strangers. So, imagine the fear you feel when you suspect your parents or grandparents suffer from abuse or neglect. If you think your loved one is being ignored or abused, check for one or more of these signs.

Signs of neglect

The reason we put our loved ones in nursing homes is that they didn’t care about themselves in many basic ways.

• Maintain proper hygiene

• Feed yourself

• Take medicine properly

In addition, they may also suffer from limited mobility and amnesia. After putting them in a nursing home, the staff expects to provide those needs to your loved ones. When older people are ignored, they show signs that their basic needs are not met.

• Bedsore

• Dehydration or malnutrition symptoms

• Symptoms of no medication

• Smell of urine and feces

• Hair does not appear to be swelling, such as unbrushed hair and dirty clothes

• Lack of basic hygiene such as bathing and brushing teeth

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you think your loved one does not receive the standard care that a reasonable person expects, then you should investigate whether your loved one is ignored.

Signs of abuse

If there is anything worse than neglect, it is abuse. Older people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Older people do not suffer the following types of abuse:

• Isolation from other patients

• Unfair detention

• Screaming, insulting, threatening

• Hit, Slap, Strike, Bit

• Sexual assault

• Discriminate for any reason

• Unjustly taking medication to control behavior

Moreover, they definitely should not suffer any mental or physical suffering or punishment. The signs of this type of abuse are:

• Bruises and cuts

• Fractures, especially hip fractures

• Withdrawn

• Want to stay away from other patients

• Start chewing

• Afraid to talk about staff in a nursing home

• Behaves like you’ve never seen before

• Sudden death

Like the signs of disregard, these signs are not exhaustive and are limited to just these indicators. If you think your loved one is being abused, don’t hesitate to take action. We must do our best to protect the life, health and rights of our loved ones.

Get legal assistance

You can also file a complaint yourself or change your nursing home. However, abuse and neglect of the elderly is not only illegal, it violates the rights of groups of people who are unable to protect themselves. Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers can help you get results, confront the rights of your loved ones, and even get your loved one’s compensation for any damage they may have caused. If you suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home, do not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer. Your love may depend on your life.

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Medical marijuana: insights into patient journeys



To date, medical marijuana has been legalized in the United States in 30 states, including:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Newhamshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North. Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia.

Each of these states has its own regulations and guidelines for use and qualification.

Here in Florida, the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2, was passed on November 8, 2016 for qualified patients under the supervision of a qualified and qualified marijuana doctor. In addition, this amendment was approved with 6,518,919 (71.32%) votes and 2,621,845 (28.68%) negative votes.

The federal government classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, making it illegal for doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients. These marijuana doctors can only make medical cannabis recommendations in accordance with state law that is valid for up to one year. Patients cannot go to the pharmacy and fill out a medical marijuana prescription.

Under strict regulations, medical marijuana doctors are prohibited from partnering with medical marijuana distributors or pharmacies.

Only certain patients with a “debilitating illness” will be legally protected by this amendment. Diseases classified under that provision include PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), chronic muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS (muscle atrophy). Lateral sclerosis or lugeric’s disease) and Parkinson’s disease.

The above illnesses were described as “major debilitating conditions”, but under this provision, Amendment 2 also states: “Or, if the medical use of marijuana exceeds all Other illnesses/conditions of similar severity/symptoms, judged by opinion, potential health risks.”

Currently, there are about 56 known listed doctors of marijuana in Florida.

More information and more on this topic is also available on the Florida Department of Health website on how to become a medical marijuana patient in Florida ( For more information on Amendment 2, see here too.

Parkinson’s disease

A few months ago, I found a video on Facebook where a man with Parkinson’s disease was injected with medical cannabis. The video before and after was impressive. Before treatment, you can see significant tremor, stuttering, and abnormal posture of this man. The after video showed very different people. His speech was easy to understand and understand. He had no stuttering or tremor and showed very controlled movement. This man walked and spoke like a normal person. He also shared how it improved his quality of life.

As a physiotherapist with different cultural backgrounds, I personally have different feelings about medical cannabis. But as a health care professional, it’s pretty surprising to see one of the big changes in my patients using medical cannabis.

Parkinson’s J.L.

For more than 5 years, J.L. He has been given physiotherapy treatments over and over again because of the problems caused by Parkinson’s disease. Knowing the progression of the disease, I saw this gentle soul cope with the effects of this debilitating pain. His doctor will refer him to treatment when he begins to develop weakness, rigidity, tremors, and, above all, balance problems that he reported falling home.

We will meet him every time for about 6-8 weeks. We have worked to improve his coordination, strength, flexibility and balance, with the main purpose of keeping him safe and in good condition in his home where he lives alone. It also prevents him from falling, which makes him more vulnerable and vulnerable to complications.


A few weeks ago, he came back to the office to schedule a physiotherapy as he was again referred by his doctor. Having worked with this patient for many years, I was trying to understand what changed him. I stared at it, just like the first evaluation. You may have noticed the curiosity that bothered me because he gave me a smile that I knew. Being unable to control my curiosity, I asked him: “Mr. J, what did you do?” Mr. J just laughed and asked why he was curious!

Well, I finally noticed that Mr. J barely had a tremor in his right hand to show the typical pin rolling tremor of this disease. His neck was aligned and didn’t shift to the right. Moreover, his speech was clearer! Another thing that surprised me was that he was walking well. Not great, but he was able to turn around without having to shuffle, as I’ve seen for years.

At the advice of a neurologist, he told me he had finally started taking medical cannabis for over a month. His friend apparently told him a video on Facebook about a man with severe Parkinson’s disease. The man received an injection of medical cannabis, which appeared to change in just a few minutes. This clearly urged him to consult his doctor and his neurologist.

The changes I see with Mr. J after taking more than a month after taking medical cannabis are important. His speech has improved. His voice is deeper and easier to hear. He had no stuttering and had more control over his right hand from a tremor that was almost nonexistent. He is standing straight again. His balance and coordination have been further improved, with the advanced balance retraining he is currently undergoing.

During the therapy session, Mr. J was able to bounce the ball to the floor more accurately and faster. We saw tossing and throwing the ball when nobody caught him and stood. He had a slow and reflexive reaction, so we had someone standing behind him to hug him. His gait has also improved. Only a few months ago he was dragging his right foot and walking in very short shuffle steps. He will turn slightly to stand on one foot, or lose balance with a few attempts to raise his foot high.

For about a month using medical cannabis, these subtle changes in him made a difference in his life. He felt more relaxed and said he was less likely to fall. He can perform simple household chores with more confidence and withstand more advanced therapeutic exercises during physical therapy sessions. He does not feel tired and can perform more tasks throughout the day.

Mr J was still on this journey and wanted to share this experience and tell me his story. Knowing him and his background, he is not the only person who indiscriminately takes marijuana for entertainment and self-indulgence.

About Mr. J.L.

Mr. J from Central New York moved to Florida. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about seven years ago. He is a designer of a very famous Syracuse Chinese manufacturer whose customers include the White House, 5 star hotels and famous restaurants. He is also a member of the Barbershop Quartet as a tenor of the SPEBSQSA (American Barbershop Quartet Singing Conservation and Encouragement) and participates in several amateur Broadway shows in New York. He was an art teacher who taught junior high school students.

His life changed when he was called to a mission sometime in 1986. I became involved in the mission of healing that he revealed. He traveled abroad to expand his medical ministry. This received a great deal of attention and even the media noticed and reported some coverage of his work. He is now retired and lives in Palm Bay, Florida.

It’s a privilege to know this special person who did a lot in his youth. He has devoted much time and dedication to helping others. I am deeply grateful for the humanitarian service provided by Mr J and how his ministry affected so many lives. I consider him to be the unsung hero of those days.

His willingness to share an excerpt of his story with me is a privilege. In addition, being able to work with him to promote his progress and see his motivation and years of determination is a very exciting experience.

A personal battle between JL and Parkinson’s disease.

As J said, about seven years ago, he was formally diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He is under the control of a physician in practice in Palm Bay, Florida.

About Parkinson’s disease

As explained by the Mayo Clinic staff, “Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system that affects movement. It may develop gradually, with little tremor in one hand. While warfare may be a well-known sign of Parkinson’s disease, illnesses and disorders also commonly cause rigidity or delayed movement.”

Subsequent effects of this disease include the following: An expressionless face, also known as an expressionless face or mask, and a loss of voice quality that can be blurry, soft, or even stuttering. These are very common in the patients I worked with. The patient’s ability to walk is also affected. The resulting loss of coordination results in loss of arm swing from core stiffness, stiffness, and stepping.

Unfortunately, the disease is progressive and current medications aim to improve symptoms, but not necessarily cures.

Currently, there are many ongoing studies for healing, including surgery and electrical stimulation to control specific areas of the brain.

Yet, according to the National Parkinson Foundation, there is currently no standard cure for healing.

In addition, medications, lifestyle changes, exercise and rest are recommended.

Prescription drugs

Currently prescribed drug therapies include carbidopa-levodopa, carbidopa-levodopa infusion, dopamine agonists, MAO-B inhibitors, catechol-O-methyl transferases (COMT inhibitors), anticholinergics, and amantadine. -Source: Mayo Clinic Organization

Parkinson and surgery

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) ia procedure. Electrodes are implanted in certain areas of the brain and a generator is implanted in the chest near the clavicle, sending impulses to the brain to relieve symptoms. However, it is not a cure and carries many risks and side effects. Both drug therapy and DBS do not stop disease progression.

Parkinson’s disease and physical therapy

Physiotherapists work with these types of patients at various stages of the disease. This is primarily due to functional decline due to coordination disorders, dyskinesias, and rigidity, which makes deliberate and spontaneous movements very tedious.

These problems can make even the most basic functions such as feeding, grooming, and toilets very difficult. Walking becomes very unstable. Shuffling a walk is very common, but the first step is difficult (slow-because it is very slow). Once you stop, it’s very difficult to stop. Many of these patients are at high risk of falls, and many patients will become completely dependent on treatment at advanced stages.

When referring to physical therapy, patient education on proper exercise, exercise strategies, task modification, gait training, and fall prevention strategies is part of the overall planning of care and functional interventions. It is also called speech therapy for speech and feeding problems, and occupational therapy for basic self-care and hand or upper limb function.

Battle of Mr. J

I first worked with Mr. J about 5 years ago. Although he was not in the advanced stages of the disease at that time, he was already showing the main visible symptoms of the disease: tremor of the hands and neck, facial covering, rigidity, and severe incoordination. He walked very slowly, shuffled, and couldn’t turn quickly, so he was walking a long time from room to room. As he turns, he loses his balance and tends to fall. His reflexes were very slow. He could hardly catch the ball or bounce it. His speech was vague, almost inaudible, and stuttering. He had difficulty climbing up and down simple curbs and stairs. He fell out of balance problems several times.

Mr. J was tenacious in his physical therapy program and was always very motivated. For each episode he introduced to us over the years, he constantly showed improvement and continued the particular exercise program we prescribed. However, due to the progressive nature of the disease, he was physically debilitated and we had to work with him again.

He shared a story of how he first noticed his change from Parkinson’s disease. The most important thing he mentioned was when he was teaching junior high school painting in his art class in New York. He said it was increasingly difficult to draw and use his right hand as he had developed tremor. The rest went on, including changes in his facial expression, rigidity, and intuition. This has gradually deteriorated over the years before moving to Florida.

Once under the control of a physician, he was prescribed cinemet and other medications.

I last met him for treatment in early 2016, with a big tremor in his right hand and an involuntary cramp in his neck. His mask was progressing, his face was almost sagging, and he was walking with considerable shuffling and difficulty. He could hardly move one leg in front of the other. He also reported falls due to worsening balance problems.

This is why he saw his big change due to medical cannabis when he met him in March of this year.

Medical cannabis: capsules and gummy

He also shared his story. When asked about the potential benefits of medical cannabis for Parkinson’s disease, he consulted his attending physician and instructed him to consult with a neurologist. His neurologist advised to try medical cannabis because of the progressive nature of his Parkinson’s disease.

Mr. J then stated that it contained about 30 25 mg capsules, including medical cannabis capsules. This cost him about $80, including shipping. A gummy-version sample pack of 5 gummy in a pack is included with his shipment. According to him, the capsules were bitter and he took 1 capsule daily.

He added that after taking the first capsule ever, he felt very relaxed and calm. He was able to move around, get in and out of bed easily, and get in and out of chairs. He also found that his tremor was much less than it was initially.

Mr. J said he loves cannabis gummy as it tastes like sweets and tastier than capsules. In addition, the effects of gummy seemed much faster and much cheaper than the effects of capsules. The price of each capsule is about $3 each, and the gummy will cost about $1 each he added.

To mimic the effects of gummy, Mr J said he tried to melt the capsule under the tongue to remove its bitter edge. I’m also chewing on regular gummy bear candy. This worked for him.

To date, J has been on physical therapy and finds he can better tolerate and perform high-level balance training tasks not previously possible. He had little or no tremor in his right hand, no longer showed cramps in his neck, and his reflexes improved. I see this by his ability to make turns and his balance. We do not need to hold him while he catches, throws, or bounces the ball to improve his protective righting reflex needed to prevent him from falling. He can raise his legs as he walks, and shuffles much less.

Recognizing the progressive nature of the disease, we see this very tender, kind, intelligent and talented individual overcome the simple everyday functional deficits posed by this debilitating and irreversible disease. Is exciting.

For those suffering from debilitating illness, the daily victories of being able to do movements and work that seem like little things to most of us are a blessing.

Legalizing medical marijuana is a battle that is, and always will be, in Congress. We all have different positions and strong opinions on this issue. Research is ongoing into its strengths and weaknesses. Predicts more awareness of its existence as an alternative treatment for various diseases that are unresponsive to conventional drugs and treatments.

However, as a medical professional, being able to see Mr. J’s functional changes is quite fulfilling in that he can be independent and maintain self-satisfaction even when Mr. J has a disability.

I am currently working on finding an individual who can share with me the adverse effects of medical marijuana. Of course, we would love to hear from you and share your journey and experience anonymously.

If you have anything to share, please contact me.

A wonderful day and greetings to the next article!

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Mitch Hedberg-Still the best


If laughter is the best medicine, it will cure the late Mitch Hedberg comedy. His style is difficult to define, but it is best described as a whimsical line of inseparable forms, and will “laugh for days”, as my friend predicted to me.

“My belt holds my pants, but the belt loop holds my belt. I really don’t know what’s going on there. Who is the real hero?”

Mitchell Lee Hedberg was born on February 24, 1968 in St. Paul, Minnesota. For the next six years, Hedberg spending time in and out of the hospital because of heart disease had low school attendance and never became an ideal student. After graduating from high school, Hedberg packed his belongings in a paper bag and headed to Florida. He started his comedy career on Mike’s night at a local club in Boca Raton and repeated bombings. Due to severe stage terror, Hedberg stopped looking directly at the audience, always wearing sunglasses, sometimes closing his eyes, allowing long hair to cover his face. Rarely, he played with his back to the audience. Hedberg’s extraordinary speech methods and bizarre behavior further enhanced the sudden delivery of bizarre material, helping to create his on-stage persona as a rambling stoner. If so, a ridiculous philosopher.

“You know, I’m tired of following my dreams. I’ll ask where they go and connect with them later.”

For the bitter and shy comedian, success came slowly. Hedberg, who got a job in touring in the late 80’s, had a bad reputation, but he liked being on the streets, and this time he used it to complete his technique and began to grow in popularity over time. .. His first national exposure was in 1996 at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he made his 10th appearance in a late show with David Letterman. A second visit to Montreal in 1998 led to a $500,000 home comedy deal with Fox. The Fox people did not face the daunting task of creating the right platform for Hedberg’s unique reflection. A frequent guest guest on Howard Stern’s Morning Show, his resume also included television and film appearances. By 2000, Time magazine declared stand-up comics “the next Seinfeld”.

“I used to use drugs. I still use drugs. But it used to be.”

In February 1999, Hedberg married a longtime friend, Linkowcroft. In many ways, this relationship was a true love story. They worshiped each other and Lin enjoyed the touring lifestyle just like Hedberg. The couple became inseparable and made their world. The two became known for their secrecy and increasingly strange behavior. Surrounded by rumors of drug use, his background, Hedberg, was well aware of possible problems other than the mention made during his actions. After being arrested in 2003 for possession of a syringe, a small amount of heroin, and some Valium and Xanax, his problem was a secret. Shortly after he was arrested, Hedberg underwent 13 hours of surgery to save his right leg from an infection that had worsened for months. By 2005, he and Lynn were back on tour, and the manga worked hard. His health began to decline.

This cartoon was found dead on March 29, 2005 in a hotel room in Livingston, NJ. His death, initially believed to be related to his heart condition, was later identified as an overdose of the drug from a mixture of heroin and cocaine. Hedberg loves his life as a comic, loves monster movies, and ironically Kurt Cobain-the existence of Courtney Love with his wife Lin.

“The other day, when this guy asked if he wanted a frozen banana, I was walking down the street…I said no, but later I thought I might want a regular banana. Because… “

Hedberg slowly and carefully delivered the jokes line by line when trying out new materials. It’s as if the punch line was delivered after waiting for the audience’s approval. Usually he already had. Vividness

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Casey Stengel, Legend New York Yankees Throwback Manager


Famous for its colorful characters, Casey Stengel was unique in the sport. Stengel was an imaginative story, telling Joxter who owned one of the best baseball minds ever. Stengel was as likely to forge fainting spells as he was to call squeeze play in crisis to win the ball game at the referee’s call.

From the age of ten to his last days as a manager at the New York Mets, Stengel spent his entire life in baseball. Meanwhile, he was a big league player above average for 12 seasons and was the most successful manager to fill out a scorecard. But it was not only his success that won millions of worship, but it was his lovable personality who loved him. His warmth, toughness, and his unforgettable monologue that made him the most beloved character since Babe Ruth. Expressions that have become part of baseball tradition include “worm killer,” or “plumber,” which means lowball, “road apple,” which means a good fielder, and “road apple” which means a bad baseball player. there is. True legends like the clever baseball clown Casey Stengel are never seen in sport again.

How good was Stengel? In a 12-year run with the New York Yankees, Casey won 1,149 games (compared to just 696 losses), earning 10 pennants and a 7 World Series championship. Connie Mack, manager of the Hall of Fame, once said about Stengel:

Casey Stengel was known not only as an eccentric and adorable manager, but also as the manager who stood behind his player. Elston Howard, the first black player the Yankees have ever signed, believes that Stengel helped overcome the race barriers. Casey Stengel tells the hotel manager that if Howard was not welcomed at the property, he would not allow Yankee players to stay there either.

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In honor of the developers


Did I happen to say that I like real estate developers? I don’t seem to love my wife, my kids, or even my dog, but real estate developers are definitely among my favorite people.

Think about it.

Real estate developers are like gods. [Well, miniature gods, at least.] They create much of the physical world in which we live. The house or condominium we live in. Street grocery stores and pharmacies. Enjoy leisure at resorts, casinos, golf courses and more. Restaurant. Shopping center. office building. Movie theater. Truck terminal. Medical and surgical centers. spa. factory. Warehouse. auditorium. Parking Lot. Hotel.

You give it a name. If that “artificial” was attached to dirt and could get into it, it was probably involved with a real estate developer.

Real estate developers have foresight. They have a vision that recognizes the need for trends and change. They recognize the imbalance between what exists and what is needed. They see areas, towns and areas as fluid, and opportunities for renewal and improvement. Real estate developers not only see the opportunity, they seize it. They envision change and commit to it. Then work on it. Massage it Shape it; squeeze it; stir it. Shake; blend it. Make it compatible; and make it happen.

Why can’t anyone like it

A real estate developer is a purposeful and visionary person. A visionary who knows how to turn his vision into reality. They are optimists. They are dreamers, actors in one. And for me they are fun. It’s not always fun, but it’s fun to be around. It’s fun to use together. It’s fun to dream.

I remember when John L. Marks of Mark IV Realty Group came into my office in 1992 and said he wanted to buy and redevelop the Marina City Commercial Complex in downtown Chicago. At that time, the Marina City Commercial Complex was a rat hole. Almost free. By foreclosure. Suffer from bankruptcy. The unpaid arrears real estate tax will be borne by approximately $10,000,000. It is physically corrupt and requires tens of millions of dollars to repair. Not surprisingly, the owners of the residential condominiums, which occupy the upper 40 floors of the two landmark corncob-shaped towers, were hostile and uncooperative.

But in all of this confusion, John saw an opportunity. He had the vision of turning this dilapidated, rotting and obnoxious behemoth into an economically viable and prosperous gem.

I spent most of the next four years on the project. The changes were significant. We exploded to make it happen.

Today, the Marina City Commercial Complex houses the House of Blues, House of Blues Hotel, Smith and Warren Ski Steak House, Bin 36 Wine Cafe, Crunch Fitness, 10 Pin Bowling Lounge, Marina Management, Skipperbad Marina and many more. There is. A thriving business. Starting from above the 20-storey parking garage of each house’s tower, the pie condominiums add significant value and offer views of Chicago’s most dramatic skyline. The entire Marina City complex in the heart of Chicago has been rebuilt as a thriving multipurpose and entertainment mecca.

why? John L. Marks, Chicago real estate developer, had the vision and commitment to do that.

Did I say that I love real estate developers?

More recently, in the spring of 2005, I received a call to join the development team at Madkatstep Entertainment LLC.

Madkat Step Entertainment is a joint venture of retail giants Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Ryan Companies US, a highly creative and entrepreneurial real estate developer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [Yes, I love Ryan Companies too.]

It started with an idea.

The Ryan company had the idea of ​​building and owning sports and entertainment venues in a rich community that needed convenient and unique entertainment options.

Sears moved its headquarters to Hoffman Estates, Illinois in the early 1990s. As part of that move, Sears acquired a large amount of adjacent land ready for development and available.

Hoffman Estates is a future-focused community seeking comfort in quality of life for people living in the rich and growing parts of northwest Chicago.

It was a match in heaven.

When I was convened as Chief Development Advisor, Sears and Ryan had already negotiated a memorandum that set out the basic framework for the new Sears Center Arena, including general terms for financing the Hoffman Estates village and the municipalities.

The main tenants of the new Sears Center Arena are professional hockey teams. The main development goal was to build a capacity of 11,000 and a 240,000-square-foot arena in preparation for the fall 2006 hockey season. Already in April 2005, only 18 months from the planned opening date. Even the most accelerated construction schedule took a minimum of 14 months from start to start. I’m out of time.

During the subsequent 100-day rush, the entire development team entered the zone, working 24 hours a day in the village of Hoffman Estates.

Ryan Companies, a real estate development company that works closely with real estate departments such as Sears and Roebuck, has negotiated for formal development approval, completion of local government funding, and formalization of naming rights contracts. Faced problems, overcome obstacles. Responding to project opponents threatening property agreements and lawsuits that delay or prevent the construction of arenas.

Ultimately, it was creativity, patience, and concentration that led to the official breakthrough development of the Sears Center Arena on July 21, 2005. It is a unique sports and entertainment facility that has served the Hoffman Estates village and neighboring towns for decades. come. It already serves as an economic engine for new jobs, new opportunities, and complementary development that provides a broad tax base.

These two examples of creative development by visionary real estate developers are not unique. Between these two notable examples and beyond, the scenario is repeated many times each day in large and small development projects.

Replace functionally obsolete or declining shopping centers, warehouses, and other structures with modern, prosperous businesses.

We will restore the devastated and degraded areas of cities and towns to houses and condominiums, and support the new areas with retail and service industries.

Recycle contaminated brownfields into a safe and productive environment for consumers and businesses.

Greenfield development to provide new opportunities, new jobs and new services to emerging communities and families.

Real estate developers are facing needs, stepping up the challenge and improving the world we live in.

While enjoying the process, I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with amazingly creative and dedicated real estate developers, big and small, who are making changes and making money.

Did you say it was fun? Overall, real estate developers are people who really enjoy what they are doing, although not at every moment while facing any challenge. As a commercial real estate lawyer, I have always been excited to work with real estate developers.

Why do you like real estate developers? Please ask yourself. How often do you have the opportunity to work with people who make your work “exhilarating”? What is not to love about it?

Therefore, the next time you meet a real estate developer, hold on to the developer’s hand to see him or her in person and say with your deepest gratitude and sincerity.

“Thank you! My friend, Kim Harp, thinks you are the most wonderful person in the world. He loves you and thinks you are a wonderful person.” [Then slip him my business card and ask him to call me.]

Thank you for listening.

R. Kimun Harp

PS Assistance is available to anyone with a “normal” name, or at least a spelling of a traditional name.

My name “Kim” is pronounced “Kim” in my family name. Think of “Kymn” as a “hymn of the church” with a “K” instead of an “H.” To remember this, associate my surname “Harp” with “Angel”. Then, if it helps, think of me as “Kymn Harp, Real Estate Developer’s Dart Angel” (Law Degree).

thanks again,


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Lou’s beer garden where beer grows


If the definition of a horticulturist is someone who works in the fields of plant reproduction, cultivation, crop production, and plant breeding, a “hop grower” becomes a beer breeder who is a beer master in his domain.

This is who and what is Lura Milles. The exceptional excellence of Miami Beach beer masters. Chef and beer lover Louis Ramirez is the man behind this hip and uniquely named loose beer garden. There, all the tasty flavors are widespread and cultivated.

Last Saturday night I spent time with ER Gagit, the very own epicurean mayor of South Florida and his charming wife in the loose beer garden. If the “mayor” says you are going to check out this new place, you go. Don’t ask, it will definitely be an experience. And how many nights it was! Loose beer garden is definitely the place where locals go. Very cool, hip and very friendly.

We started with a tasting of beer from around the world, as its name suggests, exotic and wild. DeadGuy Ale, LongBoard, Pilsner Urquell, Double Arrogant Bastard, Raison D’Etre. The mayor’s wife and I were shocked and stuck in the shock top for the evening, but the mayor literally added hair to the hair in a true way.

For a hip meal, I started with Lou’s special Belgian fries and a bowl of shrimp biscuits made to order. Both starters were perfect! Who thought of’special gourmet’ in the beer garden hidden behind a featureless historic Deco Hotel in the North Shores area? Pearls are always hidden in oysters!

Dinner was burger, pizza and tryp. Hamburgers and pizzas are the typical “beer garden” dishes you’d expect, but tryps? Another rogue surprise at this beer-brewed Gastropub hideaway in Miami Beach. Here at Loose Beer Garden, there are many bolts from blue. I think it is something that is done loosely on a daily basis. Please check it out for a hands-on experience. This is where the locals go. Even if you don’t, they welcome you with open arms and a huge smile. They invite you to sit in their garden, kick back and drink beer with them. They even throw burgers on the grill for you, the secret hospitality here at Loose Beer Garden is no better. Whether you’re from Minnesota, Montana, Maine, or Miami, you’re treated like a neighbor next to a loose beer garden.

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Pros and Cons of Receiving a “Sfif” in Exchange for Charity Car Donations


A donation is a “gift” provided by a charity in exchange for a donation. When purchased, it’s like a gift. Common gifts for charitable car donations include airline tickets and vacation packages. They are not gifts, and there are conditions that need attention.

Businesses know the value of free advertising and one way to do it is to deal with charities. Businesses provide access to the volume of their services or products in exchange for charities that offer them publicly as an incentive to donate. This is a win-win situation. Charities receive donations from patrons, patrons receive “siffs” in return, and companies that donate siffs receive free advertising. Everyone is happy

Let’s say that when you make a donation, a charity offers a “discount” for two nights at a hotel in a popular tourist destination. Wow. But what most people do not know is that you must declare the value of Spiff as your tax income. And yes, you will pay income tax on that amount. This effectively reduces the net tax credit associated with donations. If the difference is negligible, this isn’t a big deal, but a large difference can almost completely offset the allowable tax credits.

Often, these stiffs turn out to be better deals than to get or negotiate yourself.

Looking for tickets to the hottest shows in town? Donate your car and receive two of these tickets. For some people, the intangible value received far outweighs the tax consequences.

Where have you been trying to find the latest and hottest toys for your kids and grandchildren? Charities keep up with these things and sometimes secure the hottest quantities of new products. They then run a promotion that encourages patrons to make large donations instead of receiving these popular items as stolen goods. How do you price a child or grandson’s happiness even if the donation consumes a lot of the value of the actual donation?

Let’s look at the downsides of this practice. For example, suppose you are looking for a $500 tax credit and you have received two tickets for a total of $100. Technically, you are entitled to a $400 charity tax credit. You also need to declare the $100 value of the ticket as income. This is taxed at the same rate as the rest of your income.

Another drawback of this practice is that it is often difficult to use or convert the stiff. From time to time, companies donating Siffh set redemption rules so that it is very difficult to actually receive the assigned value and declare it now as income. These types of companies want to “cash”, so to speak, by taking charitable tax credits, but they don’t really want to lay out cash, products, or services at the time of redemption.

There is also the possibility of malicious type abuse. They may make a legitimate donation and receive a “spiff”, but they turn around and sell it at a higher price, especially for tickets to must-see events and popular new products. This can negatively affect the reputation of the charity that it publishes.

The lesson of this story is to educate yourself and deal with well-known and reputable charities.

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