5 advantages of investing in bitcoin

If you are interested in investing money in bitcoin, we suggest you read the benefits of this currency in this article. According to many studies, bitcoin investors are the most successful investors in the world. For example, the founders of Richard Branson, eBay, PayPal and Yahoo have invested huge sums in this currency. Although your financial success depends on a number of factors, this digital currency is gaining popularity around the world. Read on to learn more.
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Unlike other currencies around the world, cryptocurrencies offer many advantages. Most currencies are prone to a number of challenges that affect value and purchasing power. On the other hand, the good thing about cryptocurrencies is that they do not have so many challenges to face because their purchasing power is not controlled by any authority. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this investment.

Lower risk of inflation

We know that ordinary currencies are regulated by the governments of their issuers. Sometimes this leads to a large increase or decrease in the value of the currency, as the government tends to continue to print a lot of money. As the value of a currency falls, its purchasing power also decreases. Therefore, more money is needed to buy the same thing.
So it works like a tax on the money you already have. Bitcoin has a different system. According to experts, one unit of this currency will be enough to meet the needs of 500 people around the world. This is quite interesting information.

Lower risk of falling

According to investors, this currency comes with a lower risk of falling than the usual alternatives. The reason is that it is global and not influenced by government policies. In other words, even if there is a collapse of the common currency or hyperinflation, bitcoin will not lose its value.

The transactions are quite simple

Another advantage of this currency is that it allows easy, cheap and easy transactions. Since buyers are not allowed to claim their money back after making a purchase, sellers can ship the product without worrying about losing their money.


Existing major currencies are difficult to carry, especially in large quantities. In addition, it is quite risky to carry millions of dollars to meet your buying needs. Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers portability, which means you don’t have to carry a single dollar with you.

No tracking

Cryptocurrencies cannot be traced to the source, which is another advantage of investing in bitcoin. As soon as the seller receives the coins, they will not be returned to the buyer, no matter what. Therefore, no government can trace the source of funds.

In short, if you want to invest in bitcoins, we suggest you consider the benefits explained in this article. This will help you make the best decision that meets your needs. I hope this helps.


6 amazing benefits of cryptocurrency

In the last few years, people have been talking a lot about cryptocurrency. At first, this business sounded scary, but people started to trust it. You may have heard of ether and bitcoin. Both are cryptocurrencies and use Blockchain technology for the highest possible security. Nowadays, these currencies are available in several types. Let’s learn more about this.
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How can cryptocurrency help you?

As far as fraud is concerned, this type of currency cannot be counterfeited as it is in digital form and cannot be reversed or counterfeited unlike credit cards.
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Immediate settlement

The purchase of real estate involves third parties, such as lawyers and notaries. So delays and additional costs can occur. On the other hand, bitcoin contracts are designed and implemented to include or exclude third parties. Transactions are fast and settlements can be made immediately.
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Lower fees

There is usually no transaction fee if you want to exchange bitcoin or another currency. To verify a transaction, there are minors who receive payment from the network. Although there is a zero transaction fee, most buyers or sellers hire the services of a third party, such as Coinbase, to create and maintain their portfolios. In case you didn’t know, these services work just like Paypal, which offers a web-based exchange system.
Identification of theft

Your merchant will receive your full credit line when you provide your credit card. This is true even if the amount of the transaction is very small. In fact, what is happening is that credit cards work on the basis of a “pull” system, in which the online store withdraws the required amount from the account associated with the card. On the other hand, digital currencies have a “push” mechanism in which the account holder sends only the required amount without additional information. So there is no chance of theft.
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Free access

According to statistics, there are about 2.2 billion people who use the Internet, but not all have access to conventional exchange. This allows them to use the new form of payment.

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As for decentralization, an international computer network called Blockchain technology manages the bitcoin database. In other words, bitcoin is under the administration of the network and has no central authority. In other words, the network works on a peer-to-peer approach.

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Because cryptocurrency is not based on exchange rates, transaction fees or interest rates, you can use it internationally without suffering any problems. So you can save a lot of time and money. In other words, bitcoin and other currencies like this are recognized worldwide. You can count on them.
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So, if you are looking for a way to invest your extra money, you may want to consider investing in bitcoin. You can become a miner or an investor. However, make sure you know what you are doing. Safety is not an issue, but it is important to keep other things in mind. We hope you find this article useful.
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7 advantages of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital alternative to using credit cards or cash to make daily payments in a variety of situations. It continues to grow as a working alternative to traditional payment methods, but still needs to become more stable before being fully welcomed by ordinary people. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of using cryptocurrency:
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Fraud – any problem with fraud is minimized because the cryptocurrency is digital, which can prevent back or counterfeit payments. This type of action can be a problem with other traditional payment options, such as credit card, due to refund payments.
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Identity theft – it is not necessary to provide personal information that could lead to identity theft when using cryptocurrency. If you use a credit card, the store receives a lot of information related to your credit line, even for a very small transaction. Also, credit card payments rely on a withdrawal transaction where a specific amount is charged to an account. When paying with cryptocurrency, the transaction is based on a targeted basis, which gives the account holder the opportunity to send only the exact amount due without additional information.
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Universal use – cryptocurrency payments can be easily made to meet certain conditions. A digital contract can be created to make the payment subject to completion at a future date, to refer to external facts or to obtain approval from a third party. Even with a special contract, this type of payment is still very fast and efficient.
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Easy access – the use of cryptocurrency is widely available to anyone with Internet access. It is becoming very popular in some parts of the world, such as Kenya, where nearly 1/3 of the population uses a digital wallet through the local microfinance service.
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Low fees – it is possible to complete a cryptocurrency transaction without having to pay additional fees or charges. However, if you use a digital wallet or a third-party service to hold the cryptocurrency, there will probably be a small fee.

International trade – this type of payment is not subject to country-specific levies, transaction fees, interest rates or exchange rates, which makes it possible to make cross-border transfers with relative ease.
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Adaptability – with nearly 1,200 unique types of cryptocurrencies on the world market, there are many opportunities to use a payment method that meets specific needs. Although there are many options for using coins for everyday use, there are also those designed for a specific use or in a specific industry.

Financial literacy

How to acquire financial literacy

Your financial literacy is your ability to make financially smart decisions. You are not born financially smart or stupid; your financial knowledge or ignorance has developed over a period of time. I guess you’re not ignorant, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. So without further ado, here are ways to acquire financial literacy.

Own experience

There is no better teacher than your own experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to move on and make all the mistakes you can make. It is rather a case of using your personal judgment based on your knowledge and the advice of others, but you will make mistakes along the way; it is part of the learning process. Question from whom you will take advice and whose advice to treat with a grain of salt.

A great way to gain financial literacy is to register on one or more online stock market platforms where you can buy and sell stocks online. All you need is a minimum amount of money to get involved. In New Zealand, sharesies.nz is one such platform, but it is by no means the only one. Other countries have similar similar stock trading platforms.

The experience of others

The easiest way to learn is from the mistakes of others. All you have to do is keep your eyes open; many people do not do this and instead follow others like sheep. This is not necessarily the best way. In fact, history has taught me that following the crowd is often the wrong way to go. A classic example is the stock market, where a stock is overvalued because so many people have jumped on the market and bought stocks in that particular company because everyone else does. Young people with no experience in the markets are prone to this mistake.

It is worth going against the crowd; this means that you are looking for profitable deals in the markets, whether it is gold, stocks, property, etc. You don’t have to experience what others are experiencing if you have the ability to judge what is a good investment and what is not.

Be prepared to listen to what the older generation has to say. Many of their opinions will be based on their own experience.


Ignorance is no excuse as long as you are not financially educated, because your local library will store financial books. There are great books on finance. Some I recommend are “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter. They have several other books that are recommended for reading. How to Be Rich and Happy by Hans Jacobi, the Australian Wealth Coach, is another book I recommend. Hans has also published several other books, Underground Knowledge and Dee Stage, two of which. “Making Money Simple,” written by Australian financial adviser Noel Whitaker, is a good read. Mary Holm and Martin House are other excellent financial authors.

The Internet

There is a lot of information available online about finance and investing; A simple Google search will do this, but as you listen to your friends, you need to use your own judgment when evaluating information from certain sites and how it relates to your personal situation. Martin House and Mary Holm are reputable advisors with good websites.


Most newspapers carry financial information and are worth reading. Cut out articles that interest you; they do a good read in about a year.

Exports to Colombia – challenges, opportunities and entry strategy

After Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America. It is one of the only countries in South America with two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean. This gives global investors a big delivery advantage. In addition, it has stable economic growth and moderate inflation, making it a promising export market for Colombia. There are also five different shopping centers in the country.

With all these positive moments, it stands as the newest and emerging market, providing global business with a great opportunity to enter it. Here, let’s discuss how to export to colombia – challenges, opportunities and strategies:


• The existing government framework requires open bidding and public tenders. There may be a lack of transparency and fairness in bidding.

• Second, only registered companies under Colombian law were even allowed to provide legal services. International law firms had to set up a joint venture with a local law firm.

• For bidding in Colombian government procurement, a commercial presence was a requirement.

• There is a requirement for international banking to maintain a commercial presence in the country. Insurance companies have restrictions on the provision of policies under certain conditions, under which insurance policies are not considered equivalent to bank guarantees.


Despite all the challenges they face, Colombia offers world business many opportunities. Let’s discuss a few here:

• Planned infrastructure projects in Colombia will require most or all of the following services. Financing of projects, subcontracting of public works, logistics, construction equipment for public roads and airports.

Some other areas of interest to international investors could be water treatment, water supply, electricity generation, oil and gas exploration equipment and pollution control. Transport equipment, articles and security and defense services are also in great demand in this place.

• Airport services and upgrading existing infrastructure are seen as a great opportunity for foreign investment here.

• Key sectors that have always attracted attention in Colombia’s trade are: oil and gas, petrochemicals, renewable energy, telecommunications and refineries.

• Other export opportunities include cotton, wheat, corn, soy products, automotive parts, food and beverage processing, and more.

• Packaging equipment and medical equipment are also in high demand here.

Login strategies:

Before going into the details of how to export to Colombia, it is equally important to analyze your market entry strategies. Here are some tips:

• An agent or representative or distributor in Colombia would be your best bet. This requires an appropriate contract that complies with the Colombian Commercial Code.

• Negotiating contacts with trust and professional relations is mandatory.

• You can offer excellent after-sales service as a strategy.

• Affordable funding and competitive prices can be the key to your participation compared to others competing for the same.

• Visiting trade shows and advertising can be the perfect way to present yourself.

• Finally, it is very important to be able to communicate in Spanish.

Fundamental analysis versus technical analysis

Investing in success, making money in stocks and accumulating wealth is everyone’s main goal. Achieving this ultimate goal of retirement security requires an investment strategy that will make your money work hard for you while avoiding excessive risk, failure, and loss. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two key points for financial success, but they differ significantly in their approach to investing.

The fundamental analysis focuses on the financial statements, the actual data of the evaluated company. To assess the value of shares, fundamental analysis uses earnings, profits, future growth, return on equity, profit margins and other data to determine the company’s core value and potential for future growth. Although fundamental analysis is important, most investors do not have the experience, desire or time to look at a company’s financial performance to determine if it would be a good investment or not. And with the accounting jokes that some companies use to cook books, the basics may seem useless.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, is a method of valuing securities by analyzing statistical data generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. Some technical analysts do not try to measure a company’s intrinsic value, but instead use charts and other tools to identify models that can predict future price movements. The technical analysis was introduced more than 100 years ago by Charles H. Dow from a series of editorials in the Wall Street Journal that he authored and later became known as The Dow Theory. The main factors of his theory have been valid for more than a century and are the basis of technical analysis today. Dow believed that the market was shrinking everything and this information was reflected in the movement of prices not only in the whole market but also in individual stocks. Immediate access to news in today’s world confirms the fact that everything is really reduced in stock price and market movement.

However, a wise investor must always use a double approach to be successful. In other words, use a little common sense. The basic, familiar basics of a company are easily accessible and disclosed in the cost-to-earnings ratio (PE) and earnings per share (EPS). To avoid companies without real profits, make sure that the EPS and PE ratio are consistent before you put your hard-earned money at risk. Then, with proper knowledge of the technical analysis of the company and the whole market, a really wise investment decision can be made.

There is an old saying: “If you want to know the truth, follow the money.”

True; graphs are the imprint of money. The technical analysis of the charts not only reveals the current and past performance of the shares, but also the price action gives the chartist a clear idea of ​​market sentiment and a valuable idea of ​​the future direction. All the necessary information is shown in the diagram. Price, volume, support, resistance, trends and much more. It is simply a matter of knowledge in the correct interpretation of the information. Charting and Technical Analysis uses the basis of The Dow Theory and applies modern charting techniques to give the investor a clear advantage. In this way, the informed investor can limit the risk and invest in the most appropriate moments, avoiding market downturns, market adjustments and bear markets. Using time-tested analysis, easily accessible basics and some common sense, the individual investor can be successful in any market.

Belief in the seed, investment in the roots: cultivating the garden on an entrepreneurial endeavor

Henry David Thoreau once said: “Although I do not believe that a plant will grow where there was no seed, I have great faith in the seed. Convince me that you have a seed there and I am ready to expect miracles. ”Although I appreciate this quote, I think it may place too much emphasis on the seed (or idea) alone. Although the seed is necessary, I believe that attention should be focused on the roots (processes, goals, human capital, etc.) that a seed can lead to development.

In fact, this observation reminds me of a recent tour of the University of West Carolina to develop leadership in the Cradle of Forestry in West North Carolina, where I learned about the approach to life (and development) that an oak tree would adopt. Interestingly, in the first approximately 20 – 25 years of its life, the oak will consume ~ 70% – 80% of its energy and resources, developing a healthy and widespread root system. In this example, while the seed is the starting point, it is the root system of a future, mighty oak that serves as the true genius of its development.

I think it’s important to think about the oak’s approach to life. Instead of growing tall and strong first, the oak remains small and initially chooses to grow deep, deep in the ground. Oak grows with their long or final game in mind, not instant gratification and short-term results. This approach to life teaches a lesson for all of us as human beings, but takes a particularly important lesson for those of us who, as Machiavelli said, “choose to take on a new order of things” in the form of innovation and entrepreneurship.

For example, when you think of an entrepreneurial endeavor, what you see standing above the surface is only part of the energy and results of the effort invested in that organization or idea. For the purposes of this article, the main components of the root system of a start-up company are as follows:

• Value proposition – identifies an aspect of your product / service that makes your proposition attractive to potential customers and helps sell and market that product. This serves as a cornerstone of your endeavor.

• Talent development – a basic strategy for attracting, developing, inspiring and sustaining the best talent associated with your endeavor, with the greater goal of sustainability. In addition, talent development can help maintain consistency, trust, and more exceptional customer service or product development while aligning with the application of your value proposition.

• Strategic / Business Plan – shapes your endeavor in a standard way, providing goals and methods / strategies for achieving them. This is a recognized document that potential financiers can contact and it serves as a more accurate and stable extension of your idea / product, value proposition and stakeholders involved.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, the most valuable lesson you need to learn from the mighty oak is to remember to stay true to your roots. By doing this, you will invest your time, energy, experience and resources at your roots. If you nourish your roots, they can support you as you continue to grow to new heights and new depths!

Averaging the stock market

The art of averaging

Averaging is a term that can be found in markets from time to time; this refers to the average price paid for a particular share if you purchased shares in that particular company.

To calculate the average price paid for a particular share, add up the total amount you paid for the shares and divide it by the number of shares you bought in that company.

The answer is the average amount you paid per share.

Try this math question:

There are five numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

What is the average number?

The calculation:

Add the five numbers: 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150

Divide the total of the five numbers (150) by 5

150 divided by 5 = 30 (answer)

You can do this easily with a calculator.

There are so many stock trading platforms these days that investing directly in the stock market has never been easier for ordinary men and women.

So how does averaging work?

If you buy stocks at regular intervals, you will pay different prices for each stock as stock prices go up and down. Imagine if you bought something in the supermarket last week at full price, then you bought the same item this week at a special price. The average price you paid for the item will be somewhere between the higher and lower price.

The stock market works like this. By buying a certain stock at regular intervals you will be able to take some shares in it when the price is lower. This is the advantage of regular savings.

In fact, I think there is a case of buying more shares when the price is low. The average price paid per share is determined by calculations, as explained above.

The averaging strategy can also be used when investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is more volatile than the stock market, so an astute investor who has an eye for a bargain can invest when the price falls.

There are so many stock trading platforms available that the game market is accessible to everyone. I joined two of them in New Zealand. Most countries have stock trading platforms available. Registering for them is easy; you need some form of identification. Just follow the instructions and you’re done.


The game of markets requires positive thinking and a cool head. If you have them, you can profit from falling markets. Averaging is a method that takes advantage of falling markets.

3 main benefits of Odoo development services for your e-commerce business

At a time when technology was at an early stage, departments such as human resources, finance, customer relations, sales, etc. they had different software to perform different activities. And there were a number of software on board, management was a difficult task. In addition, growing threats of data leaks have made matters worse.

And in 2005, Odoo, an open source ERP, emerged as the savior. This helped businesses manage each application from one space. And it soon became one of the fastest growing platforms with more than 14,000 third-party apps / plug-ins available in the app store.

Ode in brief:

Odoo is a collection of business-related applications, including CRM, e-commerce, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, warehousing, project management and inventory management. Several reasons why Odoo became popular are:

  • Open source ERP

  • User friendly

  • It has custom features

  • Scalable

  • Industry specific modules

  • Frequent upgrades according to changes in technology

  • Freedom to download the selective application according to your needs

  • Less implementation costs and more

Odoo Ecommerce is one such platform that provides you with a lot of convenience as it integrates seamlessly with other Odoo business applications. And that’s why about 4+ million people grow their business using Odoo’s development services. Some of the popular brands that use Odoo are Toyota, Hyundai and PCI. So, if you are planning an Odoo-based e-commerce store, this is really a good choice as you will get several benefits. This post highlights the main benefits of Odoo Development.

Lets start!

  1. Making eye-catching product pages

First, let’s look at an interesting example. Lush is a UK based cosmetics company. This company informs and educates its visitors about their fresh handmade cosmetics. Each product has a video presented, which helps visitors to clearly understand the product. Below is an image of a detailed list of lip balm ingredients below the product description.

Now imagine that you as a buyer are looking for this particular product on this website as well. Now with the video you learn everything about the natural ingredients used, the benefits of the product and how to use it, and you get the convenient option “add to cart”. All the necessary information in one place. I bet you won’t look for more and end up buying more than you decide.

This is what you call a good example of a well-managed product catalog that provides visitors with all the information they are looking for. Nearly 81% of buyers research products online before buying. Product information, price and reviews are a few parameters that every consumer will consider before making a purchase. Therefore, retailers need to present what consumers are looking for. Here comes the importance of an effective product management strategy and a well-managed product catalog. It helps web store visitors have easy access to your products. For the owner, this will allow them to add new products and remove obsolete ones from time to time.

If you have an e-commerce store, you would like to have easy product management that helps maximize the customer experience. With Odoo development, you can create detailed product pages, add images, banners, calls to action, slides, and more. Designing and editing product details has become relatively easy with Odoo. You can integrate and integrate any information into the whole system without any problems.

Odoo software also provides a simple drag-and-drop option that helps add product pages. You can customize the layouts, colors, and theme of your store.

It couldn’t be easier!

  1. An array of options with Payment Gateway

Now suppose your e-commerce store offers only one payment method. What if one day it doesn’t work due to a technical problem? Or you have a customer who is about to pay, but you don’t have a payment gateway that he prefers and oops! He is gone!

The phrase “the more, the better” goes very well with multiple payment gateways in an e-commerce store. According to a report by JP Morgan, 73% of online consumers decide whether to make a purchase from a company based on the type of payments they accept. There are many advantages to having multiple payment gateways, such as customer convenience, improved conversion rate, works as a backup, if one gateway goes wrong, customers feel more secure, increased international sales and more.

Odoo extensions and applications available on the market allow you to integrate and customize various payment modules. Allows customers to pay with PayPal, credit and debit cards, Visa, Bitcoin, Authorize.net, and strips. This way, you can choose the payment option that is most compatible with your store. It also provides flexibility, as each business has a different payment method.

  1. Increasing the return on investment

You have invested thousands or maybe millions of dollars in your online business. So, do you bring bacon home at the end of the day? Do you get a good amount in return for the investment you have made? This is ROI. Return on investment is an important indicator to consider when working with an online store. It helps to calculate the success of the investment you have made.

Most companies use Odoo in the cloud or SaaS to automate their business. The main reason is that Odoo-based SaaS models or cloud services help you reduce your costs. By merging SaaS-based Odoo models, you can get a faster return and enjoy the benefits of ERP integration.


Managing your e-commerce store is not an easy task. With the industry growing at a tremendous pace and thousands of solutions available, it becomes difficult to choose the best for you. This post aims to introduce you to the main benefits that the Odoo platform offers. I hope this was helpful!

Want to learn more about the development of Odoo? Contact BiztechCS now.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: What Can They Do for Your Business?

Despite the popular belief that blockchain technology is only intended for cryptocurrency transactions and bitcoin earnings, blockchain continues to enter many areas of life: social media, games, healthcare, real estate and more. The technology aims to improve work efficiency, reduce business costs and improve the customer experience.

The blockchain can be explained as a digitized database and belongs to the digital book technology (DLT), which does not involve central data storage or administrative functionality. Why is it an advantage for a company? Decentralization, together with transparency, enables each individual participant to review all recorded data, ensure their security and keep track of important information.

Here are the areas that blockchain has already entered and proved that this technology is worth relying on.

Supply chain management, for example, is a key but vulnerable part of many companies’ workflows. The parties involved in the process often do not interact directly with each other and still apply paper-based methods to collect and store information. Blockchain offers complete paper removal: document management becomes automated, and digital certification is used. More importantly, any authorized member of the supply chain can trace the product from manufacturer to consumer and prevent the spread of counterfeits.

Several US retail giants, which have faced outbreaks of foodborne illness and further food withdrawals, have implemented blockchain technology in their food supply chains. It took about 7 days at least before tracking a product, and these days the origin of a food item can be identified in a matter of seconds.

In this way, blockchain solutions have made the download process faster, more efficient and cost-saving. Meanwhile, customers have also experienced the acceptance of blockchain in their hypermarkets. In Walmart’s Chinese stores, for example, they can scan the QR code and get all the product information: from the location of the farm to the verification certificates.

Healthcare is an area in which blockchain-based solutions have established themselves as an extremely secure and transparent way of keeping electronic health records (EHR). Both doctors and patients are allowed to access the records and use them when needed. At the same time, blockchain solutions are fueled by smart contracts that protect the confidentiality of EHR data. Data from health devices and clinical trials are encrypted, insurance can also be performed and stored. Another use case is the control of the supply chain of medicines and prescription equipment.

E-commerce increasingly requires blockchain technology. Again, the supply chain is crucial here: product monitoring and supply management are often challenging tasks, but the blockchain helps businesses manage their inventory more efficiently. Consumers who entrust their money and data to e-commerce organizations are concerned about data security and transparency, but this problem can be solved by developing a blockchain. Even slight changes in transactions are obvious in the blockchain, and tracking who made a mistake is no longer a problem. It is also possible to make crypto payments.

The next area is actually related to cryptocurrency transactions. DeFi, abbreviated from decentralized financing, not only involves a simple transfer of assets, but also more complex cases of financial use. The implementation of a blockchain contributes to the exclusion of intermediaries and therefore reduces costs. All transactions are encrypted and immutable, multi-stage authentication mechanisms make the system difficult to access for unauthorized members. Among the latest innovations is the opportunity to turn to P2P lending services and digital banking.

Social media also has the potential to be affected by the blockchain. Along with its global popularity and ability to connect people around the world, social media is still vulnerable to account hacking, identity expiration and copyright infringement. To address these issues, the blockchain offers copyright protection, digital identity verification and impartial licensing.

Real estate, e-government, the gaming industry and many more have joined the wave of blockchain adoption. Once your business chooses an innovation, delegate the implementation of the technology to one of the corporate blockchain companies, which will develop a reliable for the future corporate DLT for you. With blockchain, your business will change the rules of the game in your area.

A brief introduction to Blockchain – for normal people


If you have tried to immerse yourself in this mysterious thing called a blockchain, you will be forgiven for stepping back in horror at the absolute opacity of the technical jargon often used to shape it. So before we get into what cryptocurrency is and how blockchain technology can change the world, let’s discuss what a blockchain really is.

Simply put, a blockchain is a digital transaction log, unlike the registries we have used for hundreds of years to record sales and purchases. The function of this digital book is actually almost identical to the traditional book, as it records debits and credits between people. This is the basic concept behind blockchain; the difference is who holds the book and who checks the transactions.

In traditional transactions, payment from one person to another involves some intermediary to facilitate the transaction. Suppose Rob wants to transfer £ 20 to Melanie. He can either give her cash in the form of a £ 20 banknote, or he can use a banking application to transfer the money directly to her bank account. In both cases, the bank is an intermediary that checks the transaction: Rob’s funds are checked when he withdraws the money from an ATM, or they are checked by the application when he performs the digital transfer. The bank decides whether to continue the transaction. The bank also keeps records of all transactions made by Rob and is solely responsible for updating them each time Rob pays someone or receives money in his account. In other words, the bank holds and controls the book and everything flows through the bank.

This is a big responsibility, so it’s important for Rob to feel that he can trust his bank, otherwise he won’t risk his money with them. He must feel confident that the bank will not deceive him, will not lose his money, will not be robbed and will not disappear overnight. This need for trust is at the heart of almost every major behavior and aspect of the monolithic financial industry, to the extent that even when it was discovered that banks were irresponsible with our money during the 2008 financial crisis, the government (another intermediary ) chose to save them instead of risking destroying the last fragments of trust, leaving them to collapse.

Blockchains work differently in one key respect: they are completely decentralized. There is no central clearing house like the bank and no central book held by one person. Instead, the book is distributed in a vast network of computers called nodes, each of which holds a copy of the entire book on their respective hard drives. These nodes are connected to each other through software called a peer-to-peer (P2P) client, which synchronizes data on a network of nodes and ensures that everyone has the same version of the registry at any given time. .

When a new blockchain transaction is introduced, it is first encrypted using state-of-the-art cryptographic technology. Once encrypted, the transaction is transformed into something called a block, which is essentially the term used for an encrypted group of new transactions. This block is then sent (or broadcast) to the network of computer nodes, where it is checked by the nodes and, after being checked, transmitted over the network so that the block can be added at the end of the computer register to anyone under the list of all previous blocks. This is called a chain, so the technology is called a blockchain.

Once approved and recorded in the book, the transaction can be completed. This is how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin work.

Responsibility and removal of trust

What are the advantages of this system over the banking or central clearing system? Why would Rob use bitcoin instead of normal currency?

The answer is trust. As mentioned above, it is crucial for the banking system that Rob trusts his bank to protect his money and handle it properly. To ensure that this happens, there are huge regulatory systems that check the actions of banks and ensure that they are appropriate for the purpose. Governments then regulate regulators, creating a sort of system of levels of inspections whose sole purpose is to help prevent errors and misconduct. In other words, organizations like the Financial Services Authority exist precisely because banks cannot be trusted on their own. And banks often make mistakes and misbehave, as we have seen too many times. When you have a single source of power, power tends to be abused or abused. The relationship of trust between people and banks is uncomfortable and uncertain: we don’t really trust them, but we don’t think there is much alternative.

Blockchain systems, on the other hand, do not need to be trusted at all. All transactions (or blocks) in a blockchain are checked by the nodes in the network before they are added to the book, which means that there is no single point of failure and no channel for approval. If a hacker wants to successfully forge a blockchain registry, he will have to hack millions of computers at once, which is almost impossible. The hacker would also be virtually unable to download a blockchain network, as he would again have to be able to disconnect any computer on a network from computers distributed around the world.

The encryption process itself is also a key factor. Blockchains like bitcoin deliberately use difficult processes for their verification procedure. In the case of bitcoin, blocks are checked by nodes that intentionally perform CPU and time-consuming series of calculations, often in the form of puzzles or complex mathematical problems, which means that the check is neither instantaneous nor accessible. The nodes that commit the block verification resource are rewarded with a transaction fee and a number of newly minted bitcoins. This has the function of stimulating people to become nodes (because processing blocks like this requires quite powerful computers and a lot of electricity), while dealing with the process of generating – or cutting – currency units. This is called digging because it involves a significant amount of effort (in this case from a computer) to produce a new product. This also means that transactions are verified in the most independent way possible, independent of a government-regulated organization such as the FSA.

This decentralized, democratic and highly secure nature of the blockchain means that they can operate without the need for regulation (they are self-regulating), government or another non-transparent intermediary. They work because people don’t trust each other, not in spite of themselves.

Let the meaning sink in for a while and the excitement around the blockchain begins to make sense.

Intelligent contracts

Where things get really interesting are blockchain applications beyond cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Given that one of the basic principles of the blockchain system is secure, independent transaction verification, it is easy to imagine other ways in which this type of process can be valuable. Not surprisingly, many such applications are already in use or under development. Some of the best are:

  • Smart contracts (Ethereum): perhaps the most exciting development of the blockchain after bitcoin, smart contracts are blocks that contain code that must be executed in order for the contract to be executed. The code can be any, as long as the computer can execute it, but in simple words it means that you can use blockchain technology (with its independent verification, unreliable architecture and security) to create a kind of escrow system for any kind transaction. As an example, if you are a web designer, you can create a contract that checks whether a new client’s website is up and running, and then automatically release your funds once that happens. No more harassment or invoicing. Smart contracts are also used to prove ownership of an asset such as property or art. The potential for reducing fraud with this approach is huge.
  • Cloud storage (Storj): Cloud computing has revolutionized the web and led to big data, which in turn has launched a new revolution with artificial intelligence. But most cloud-based systems run on servers stored on single-location server farms owned by a single entity (Amazon, Rackspace, Google, etc.). This poses the same problems as the banking system, as your data is controlled by a single, non-transparent organization that is a point of failure. Dissemination of data in a blockchain completely eliminates the problem of trust and also promises to increase reliability, as it is much more difficult to eliminate a blockchain network.
  • Digital Identification (ShoCard): Two of the biggest problems of our time are identity theft and data protection. With huge centralized services like Facebook storing so much data about us, and the efforts of various governments in developed countries to store digital information about their citizens in a central database, the potential for misuse of our personal data is appalling. Blockchain technology offers a potential solution to this by wrapping your key data in an encrypted block that can be verified by the blockchain network when you need to prove your identity. Applications of this range from the obvious replacement of passports and ID cards to other areas such as password replacement. It can be huge.
  • Digital voting: Very relevant after the investigation into Russia’s influence on the recent US elections, digital voting has long been suspected of being both unreliable and highly vulnerable to counterfeiting. Blockchain technology offers a way to verify that a voter’s vote has been sent successfully while maintaining their anonymity. He promises not only to reduce election fraud, but also to increase overall voter turnout, as people will be able to vote on their mobile phones.

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and most applications are far from common use. Even bitcoin, the most established blockchain platform, is subject to huge volatility, which is indicative of its relative status as a newcomer. However, the potential of the blockchain to solve some of the major problems we face today makes it an extremely exciting and enticing technology to follow. I will certainly be careful.

Invest using binary options trading

Binary options trading is an agreement in which the trader pays for the right to receive a predetermined return in the event that the cost of the underlying asset ultimately exceeds or is lower than the target price.

It is usually a short-term investment, but brings high profits for beginners and trade experts. This is an effective way to invest for traders who have a limited budget and can still have a fixed return of around 60 to 85 percent.

As binary options become more popular, many sites are coming out and introducing their promotions to register binary options. If you are one of the interested, you better read the following suggestions. A commercial broker may need some of these guidelines to make more profit in the financial market. Here is part of it.

Remember that there are two types of binary options, the American option and the European option. The most commonly used is usually the European style.

The European option is exercised only on the expiration date, while the American option is exercised at any time from the date of purchase, including the expiration. Frequent monitoring of commercial activity is mandatory. This will give you the exact moment when you will take the binary options contract. Expect to manage the price mismatch when it moves higher.

The condition must also be taken into account. Incoming and outgoing money are monitored to see what the previous prices are. This is to guarantee positive positions against loss of profit.

The advantage of choosing a commercial binary option is that you do not need to ask for a second opinion from an expert trader. This is because an existing forecast has only one direction value when you click the call option; will predict any call. It’s the same when you have a put option. In addition, there is no long-term shelf life. As I said earlier, this is a short-term trading business. It is traded only on an hourly and daily basis. This will easily determine your profits and losses.

The good thing about this tool is that there are marketable sites or companies that give bonuses. For example, your investment is $ 1,000 and you have invested it in a reputable site or company. The site will then give you a $ 100 incentive when you join them.

Remember the term “binary”. That means two and you only have two options and you have nothing to choose from. So the risk is less. The trader must have the determination and confidence. As a trader, an understanding of terminology and interpretations must also be made.

As an investment tool, it can also be a good solution for people who are still looking for work. While defining and studying the properties and basics of trading, they can also make a profit by entering this type of business and acquiring a binary option.

Here are some tips for trading binary options. If you want to move to a higher standard of trading, be sure to practice the basics and level up to earn more profit in the future.

Start investing without money

Money is literally everywhere. When it comes to investing, sometimes we don’t know where to start. There are many investments to choose from, but choosing the best one is not easy. And what do you do if you think you have little or no money to start with?

First, let’s talk about the various apps available to get started! Did you know that you can start with the least money? I downloaded this app and gave me $ 7 free shares. I chose Tesla, so I started with $ 7 at Tesla. Then I shared this app with friends like you and in less than a week I have $ 183.87 in Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Beyond Meat, Peloton and a bunch more! LOVE IT! And I didn’t let go of the money.

There is another app that wins rewards back in shares just by using it to pay your bills. There are really so many investment opportunities! Even applications with which you can dig bitcoins, all for free! I will share them with you at the end of this article.

So, let’s talk about the importance of COLLECTING interest!

A very good place to start is by complicating returns. These are your profits after you have invested and then withdrawals once you are old or retired and no longer dependent on the market. With compounding you can gradually build your nest.

There may be several reasons why you want to make a return on mixed amounts. The main reason is that this investment technique allows you to gradually build the nest. This means that instead of taking the full amount from the market at retirement, you can make a 10% return over time to make your nest egg. This will provide you with more money when you need it most, and will allow you to live on it. This is really the idea behind mixing. You will be able to live on your nest egg when you no longer need the money for yourself, but you will be able to continue building your nest egg.

Another important reason to focus on complication is that you will get a higher percentage of your money on an initial deposit. It is important to start with a significant amount of money. Once you make a good return, you can build on it and keep adding as your nest grows, and you won’t lose your nest if you’re not a diligent investor.

It is unfortunate that many people do not start right when they do not know what they are doing. This happens when people are not able to take a big step forward when they are just starting out. They tend to deviate and do not continue to invest in the right direction. By starting small, you will be able to upgrade your knowledge. This will help make big leaps forward.

There are ways to make a complex return. One is by purchasing call options. These are the rights you can sell at a price. You will receive an immediate refund of your initial deposit. You can also complicate your returns over time by using this method.