Famous Owners of RVs And Homes


While many people associate mobile phones with RVs with ordinary people, it can be surprising to note that there are some celebrities who love to travel with them. Fun toy cars have been used by many Hollywood stars to make their trip a success.

A Hollywood star who loves her RV so much that she called it Canoe. The star is Mathew McConaughey. They have an Airstream trailer often seen on the Malibu beach while McConaughey catches some waves. He uses a tractor to travel around the country and is known to cause videos when encountered on the road. Instead, McConaughey received the Recurity Vehicle Industry Association Ghost of America Award in 2007.

Presenter Drew Barrymore spent last month driving to the US in an RV sometime in 2009. In a television video, he also said that this was one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of his life despite the few other problems he encountered while driving.

In 1993, when a wildfire consumed many homes in Malibu, Sean Penn was unfortunately missing his home. However, Penn took matters into his own hands and had the Airstream Rule in his hands and lived there for several years until his house was rebuilt. Now this shows how to love your surrounding house!

And there’s also actor and actress Dolly Parton who travels around the US in an RV. Of course, they travel in style and high quality since the RV has a large shower and vanity mirror. And, not to be overlooked by anyone is Pamela Anderson, whose Airstream had a movable bed, a ball of glass and a tree.