The Scenic Driving Trail O grade Creek – Cooper Ridge


The entire trail is found in the mountains east of Lake Chelan and within the Wenatchee National Forest of Chelan County. The 59-mile cruise train takes about four hours to cross. The road is easy and traffic is usually paved with gravel roads and it crosses the high and narrow sections. The route rises to 4,400 feet west of a steep slope above the frozen glacier in Lake Chelan. The drive begins on a narrow passageway that separates Methow Valley from the sea. Following this you will find a clear view of the eastern tributary and the North Cascades.

Maps of this route are found in the Wenatchee National Forest, North Half. You can also find out more from the Wenatchee National Forest & # 39; s Chelan Ranger District. To get started, go to Chelan town and take Service Road 150 northwest towards Manson. Just 2 miles before Manson arrives at Manson, turn right on Wapato Lake Road at the entrance to Wapato and Antilon Lakes and the Creek class. Go to Wapato Lake Road which goes to Upper Joe Creek Road.

This will allow you to head to the grade of the Creek which converges on the Antilon Sea and the South Navarre Campground where the railway line begins. One of the lodges is located on Cooper Mountain which is shown by the mountains. The others are at a site located in South Navarre right north of this loop.

From the Antilon Sea & # 39; s, you will be given two alternatives. First is to go left and follow the 8200 movement across the Antilon Sea. Walk along hiking trails and sidewalks beyond the area above Lake Chelan. About 26 miles from here is South Navarre Campground and only 11 miles away is Sawtooth Ridge.

The second lane is to ride on Cooper Ridge through the 8210 freeway that follows the road following the narrow road. The border is the boundary between the natural forests of Wenatchee and Okanogan. Near the end of the road, the road becomes narrower with other remains. On the other hand, the southern side of the mountain is best shown at the 5,867-foot summit of Cooper Mountain. At the end of the ramp, go to the intersection where one lane 4010 is inclined and 600 lane is not visible. Then move to Methow Valley from here on Route 600 to the 4330 freeway.