Creating Your Success: Changing Your Genes


Your Instructions:

Build your success by drawing your skills.

When I signed up for toastmaster & # 39; s, I brought all my passion and enthusiasm into every conversation. I was on fire. A year and a half later, my energy has been reduced to nothing more than a conviction. I struggle to win competitions. I was embarrassed when I tried to take the joke. And my drive to help others do better has taken a long road trip.

As a child, one of my aunt & # 39; called me stupid. “Stupid.” Those words were ringing in my ears. My high school report cards all had “Achievements” No matter what I did or tried, I could not win the gold socks presented each quarter to the best students. As a result I stopped trying.

So what can you do to increase the brightness of your faith once the well is gone. Let’s look at a few ideas.

  1. Take a letter with you. Write inspirational messages from sermons, radio, and from television. Allow those messages to search in your brain and create memories.
  2. Take the time to read good words from the Bible, from inspirational cards, or from your friends’ wisdom. I spend about 30 minutes a night exercising. I like to speak inspiring thoughts as I walk along this # 39;
  3. Test your ideas with your friends. If I was chasing my toastmaster & # 39; s “joke” with a few friends, i wouldn’t be so embarrassed today.
  4. Know from the bottom of you that we were all born to change the world. State that goal and apply your skills to the max. Once it starts to dry, continue to light the flames until they come back brighter than before.
  5. Surrender to higher power. Ask God for help as you know him. They will come back to pull you through the most difficult times. We don’t know & # 39; we know how to light it until the fire is extinguished a little. This is a temporary place. Meaning, it won’t last forever. None of us is defined by our success. Nor is he limited by our “failures”. Resolve to climb the highest mileage by creating a successful one. Turn it off as we can’t & # 39; t & # 39; s and continue to reach the stars. Upgrade your skills.