Vital Pre Vacation Health Checks


A well-planned vacation, a business trip or a trip abroad can be fraught with illness, many of which are easy. It makes sense to put more effort into protecting your health when you are outdoors where you can plan your travels and get the necessary tools and travel papers.

Unfortunately, it is not a good idea for travel companies to emphasize the risks that are sold to prospective buyers: many vacation brochures promote health warnings on minimum legal requirements, and some providers are unaware of the dangers of traveling to more and more countries. Our doctor recently assisted a patient who was accompanied by a severe fever that has hit the coast of Kenya. He has never been treated for malaria, although he is well-known for the high risk of malaria in the area.

Fortunately, travelers & # 39; health problems are often rare. Fatigue due to excessive work before your work or vacation, stress and travel, exposure to new seasons and an obsession with good food, alcohol and tobacco, all contribute to the illness. Shorter symptoms of diarrhea affect about 50% of travel, and up to one fifth of visitors on one Mediterranean vacation experience breathing problems such as headaches, & # 39; diseases like the flu, or, more commonly, many other serious pneumonia such as Legionnaires & # 39; the disease.

Sun exposure or firefighting are common, and accidents associated with unknown sports such as playing in the drought are serious. But the biggest cause of death among immigrants is road accidents, not infectious diseases.

It makes sense to prepare yourself before you leave and a health checklist can be helpful. Beginning three months in advance, consult with your doctor and professional organizations, as necessary, for more information on other health problems at your destination. You need to think about your friends and travelers who have health, fitness and fitness tips for traveling and current treatments. You need to get enough health insurance. Prepare and obtain the necessary vaccines and malaria. Prepare and obtain additional medications, basic services, and any necessary documentation. Determine whether you should attend an introductory course if you are traveling.

When traveling outside of Europe, it is advisable to obtain information about the toilet pressure of the relevant ambassador, Consvocate or High Commission of any country you wish to visit. However, do not expect your co-workers to give you as much medical advice, and their knowledge is not as new as it should be. British visitors to exotic destinations should consult with their District Public Health department office or one of the specialist centers for information on vaccination requirements and malaria.