Travel Guide in Thailand


Once you get to Thailand, you will probably enter Bangkok and be deported to a foreign country. The city is an important starting point for any trip to Thailand. Street vendors selling fried scorpions and huhu tubes, tuk-tuk drives in the streetlights and the best smells everywhere on the street for perfumes and incense. Bangkok has a fantastic selection of temples, Wats and Buddhas & # 39; s walking through the expensive Gucci watch markets or the cost of a specially designed suit is something I would use for anyone traveling to Thailand. Yet in the last 15 years or so Thailand has been coming from a long way from where they have to travel hard to where they are vacationing. With the many airlines available in Thailand it is now a family destination. Thailand is a great destination for the elderly and inexperienced travelers, as well as at affordable prices. However, traveling to Thailand has something other than a tourist guide to follow and this article will provide you with some of the most hidden secrets that Thai travelers would not find … here.

Many international flights to Thailand arrive in Bangkok and although they are not a destination, you will see golden temples, Wat & # 39; s and floating markets why not just move from the city to the northeast to the Soi Street 1. Although it used to be a small black street with the usual aroma of open-air things now changed and in 2007 it was cleaned up and provided wonderful local food to the common people and few Thai travelers stumble upon it. Doors and necks may be on the list for most stores but when traveling to Thailand why not try everything! And there are plenty of local recipes, pad Thai and sticky rice for those in Thailand who have small intestines. The cost of food is minimal because they are on a tour and you will experience the reality of what Bangkok was before the Weston invasion.

From Bangkok you have many options for your Thai tour and a guide to any corner that will give you long walks to the Kwai River you can sample soon and sell their products. My advice is to avoid the highway and if you want something different on your trip to Thailand and hop on the bus to Sida, three hours northeast of Bangkok through the beautiful forests of Koh Yai on the way. In the small village of Sida to get off the bus and spend the night in a few guesthouses. From now on guest houses will help you plan a home and family in your area – a memorable part of any trip to Thailand. You can visit schools, hang out with a local family, go frog hunting and take a peek at the time of the year to see how they reap their harvests, celebrate and get a real sense of what a typical Thai family lives in the States. A true Thaiandan experience.

Travel to northern Thailand is important because the park is tight and close to wildlife, but rather than a stop in Chiang Mai where most Thai tourists leave. A night in Chiang Mai gives you time to tour the local markets and explore the old town but not be # 1 ;; staying too long since there is so much to offer in the area. Getting to the North West by bus as you travel through the beautiful side of the road and the mountain path makes you feel good but the views and small towns you pass have made the trip worthwhile. Mae Hong Son just a little west is home to the famous Paduang mountain tribe with many gold rings that encircle their neck, “Long necks”. Overlooking the area with a bike lane is the best way to see all the gems, when you meet the locals and the Mekong River runs down the side of the road there is a chance to take a clean water walk and guide them. These experiences will help you to make the most of your trip to Thailand.

The first thing most people think of when they go to Thailand is the white sand dunes of the tropical islands and therefore the choice from the question is the best one. Honestly, many such islands exist. However if the idea of ​​sharing the beach with a hundred other brands of drinking Chang Beer and riding jet skis is & # 39; t your cup of tea why not try one of the islands off the southwest coast. There seems to be a certain tourist in Thailand who goes a long way to look out for nothing but to try a bit beyond the empty beaches, small islands that have never had any real good places. Taking a sleeping train from Bangkok to the south, almost every bag goes down to Surat Thani which gives you access to the eastern islands but instead of following the crowd, stay on the train for a few hours to reach Trang station. From here you get to a place that is very far from the Thai route. The train is a 20 km or more westbound train ride so a taxi ride to Pak Meng port and jumping by boat to one of these remote islands is easy to do. Koh Ngai which is less than a mile away and has only three or four restaurants is a great place to start and a great place to relax on your Thailand trip. You can spend your day in warm water, reading your book under the palm tree or simply strolling along the white sand to a restaurant that hosts many fish caught in the morning. You will surely find paradise.