Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joan Fluke-A Book of Mysteries of Desserts, Deception, and Death

The grand opening party of the newly refurbished Albion Hotel on Lake Eden, Minnesota is the crime scene of Joanne Fluke’s latest Hannas Wensen caper “Red Velvet Cupcake Murder”.

Townspeople gather in early June to celebrate at the Red Velvet Lounge. Hannah and her business partner, Lisa Herman Beesman, own the cookie jar, a popular coffee shop in the village. They offer desserts such as the delicious Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes.

Gala, Hannah’s sister, town estate agent Andrea, advertise the hotel’s available condos and luxury penthouses, and feature a private elevator with spectacular views of Lake Eden. Huge tropical garden and jacuzzi.

The penthouse is undergoing the final renovation work, awaiting the delivery and placement of a large, temperature-controlled dome. Safety saws keep penthouse visitors from getting too close to the edge of the building.

The party goer, Barbara Connery, is excitedly touring the penthouse to find his residence from the top floor of the hotel.

Soon after, the drinker sees the barbara’s body sway past the hotel lounge window, eventually landing downwards in the rose bush. Barbara is rushed to Lake Eden Memorial Hospital for care.

At 4am, Humber receives a phone call that will be cut off immediately from a woman who seems to be barbara yelling, “He tried to kill me!” And Hannah is trying to solve another mystery of Lake Eden.

Who wants Barbara Connery to die? why?

When Hannah asks Barbara at the hospital, she asserts that her brother is the culprit.

But what about him when she was the only child?

Complicating the problem is Barbara’s desire to see her father who died a few years ago with her mother.

Roger Dalworth, a Minneapolis moneyman, paid for the renovation of the Albion Hotel. He will attend the grand opening at his new flame, Dentist Doctor Bebb. He is in town and is visiting his wealthy, terminally ill father, Warren Dalworth.

The town was thriving because the famous gold mine Dr. Beb once lived on Lake Eden. And twice, I became a Norman Rhodes fiancee.

Dr. Beb is bravely proud of her latest conquest in Roger Dalworth. And arrogantly displays his love marks, including the new Red Maserati Convertible.

On the subsequent drive to visit Hannah at the hospital, Hannah’s route passes through her past Millers Pond. There she finds a submerged car and instinctively swims to check passengers.

Surprisingly, Hannah realized that it was Dr. Bebb’s sports car. And she’s still behind the car. Hannah struggled to land Doctor Beb. Still, her attempt to save her failed.

Detective Mike Kingston, who rebels against Hanna’s affection, must face her in an uncomfortable and formal manner when she appointed Hanna as the most likely suspect in Dr. Benna’s death.

Doctor Beb ordered Hannah’s Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes to visit the penthouse dome that was set up that afternoon. Toxicity studies have shown that she died before hitting a pond from a powerful sedative. The contents of her stomach consisted solely of coffee creamers, artificial sweeteners, and Hannah’s cupcakes.

Traditionally, the cookie jar has crowds gathered to hear Lisa entertain them with exciting details of the latest crimes Lisa has decided to solve. It’s an upright room because Hannah is the most suspect.

Soon, Hannah confronts anyone who tries to kill Barbara. And the thrilling conclusion begins.

Fluke’s story includes chat in a small town that reflects the wisdom of the world. And her signature recipe.

Her perfect writing allows new readers to quickly connect with Lake Eden residents. Intriguing to experience the mystery of her previous murder. “Red Velvet Cupcake Murder” heals both the mind and mouth.

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It’s a sequel.