Scenic Lake Minnetonka-Make Memories on a Twin City Cruise

Lake Minnetonka occupies over 14,000 acres of Minnesota and is a scenic tourist destination for many travelers seeking a peaceful environment for their holidays. The name of the lake comes from the fact that the first residents of the area called the waters Minnetonka or Big Water. In 1852, Alexander Ramsey officially registered the name of Lake Minnetonka, and the following year, the first hotel was built on its coast. Steamboats exploring the lake became popular among tourists in the 1880s, allowing visitors to the region to experience the rich wildlife and beautiful scenery of this picturesque region. .. Today Twin Cities Cruises continues this tradition and offers pleasure cruises on Lake Minnetonka. Choose from traditional paddle boat excursions and three special luxury yacht options.

Paradise Destiny II

The Twin Cities Cruises Paradise Destiny II can carry up to 100 passengers and offers a luxurious way to enjoy views of Lake Minnetonka in style. Paradise Destiny II can be used for weddings and receptions. Both decks have floor-to-ceiling windows and offer a great view to passengers. Formal meals are available at an additional charge. The dance floor and buffet area are perfect for a special outing.

Paradise Princess II

Paradise Princess II offers a small venue for weddings, receptions and sightseeing tours for intimate tours of the lake. A small dance floor and buffet are available on board. Enjoy complimentary snacks during the Lake Minnetonka tour. The Paradise Princess II can carry 60 guests with luxurious comfort.

Paradise grand

With plenty of space for up to 60 passengers, Paradise Grand is a great way to see the beautiful natural landscape of Lake Minnetonka. Like all yachts in the Twin Cities Cruises line, the Paradise Grand has a temperature-controlled salon and a well-stocked bar for weddings.

Weddings on these yachts are limited to 40 guests. Beautifully landscaped areas are also on the shore for a large wedding. Full bar service is provided on each yacht tour and an LCD TV with DVD and VCR player is available on board. All three yachts are charterable. Prices are available from Twin City Cruises on request.

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