Lou’s beer garden where beer grows

If the definition of a horticulturist is someone who works in the fields of plant reproduction, cultivation, crop production, and plant breeding, a “hop grower” becomes a beer breeder who is a beer master in his domain.

This is who and what is Lura Milles. The exceptional excellence of Miami Beach beer masters. Chef and beer lover Louis Ramirez is the man behind this hip and uniquely named loose beer garden. There, all the tasty flavors are widespread and cultivated.

Last Saturday night I spent time with ER Gagit, the very own epicurean mayor of South Florida and his charming wife in the loose beer garden. If the “mayor” says you are going to check out this new place, you go. Don’t ask, it will definitely be an experience. And how many nights it was! Loose beer garden is definitely the place where locals go. Very cool, hip and very friendly.

We started with a tasting of beer from around the world, as its name suggests, exotic and wild. DeadGuy Ale, LongBoard, Pilsner Urquell, Double Arrogant Bastard, Raison D’Etre. The mayor’s wife and I were shocked and stuck in the shock top for the evening, but the mayor literally added hair to the hair in a true way.

For a hip meal, I started with Lou’s special Belgian fries and a bowl of shrimp biscuits made to order. Both starters were perfect! Who thought of’special gourmet’ in the beer garden hidden behind a featureless historic Deco Hotel in the North Shores area? Pearls are always hidden in oysters!

Dinner was burger, pizza and tryp. Hamburgers and pizzas are the typical “beer garden” dishes you’d expect, but tryps? Another rogue surprise at this beer-brewed Gastropub hideaway in Miami Beach. Here at Loose Beer Garden, there are many bolts from blue. I think it is something that is done loosely on a daily basis. Please check it out for a hands-on experience. This is where the locals go. Even if you don’t, they welcome you with open arms and a huge smile. They invite you to sit in their garden, kick back and drink beer with them. They even throw burgers on the grill for you, the secret hospitality here at Loose Beer Garden is no better. Whether you’re from Minnesota, Montana, Maine, or Miami, you’re treated like a neighbor next to a loose beer garden.

It’s a sequel.