Three kinds of people

Who are you?

Those who make things happen.

These are the people who see an opportunity and take advantage of it. They are people of action; take action and because they take action, they are often the subject of much criticism from those who need to boost their self-esteem. People in action do not allow negative comments from others to influence their thinking because they are so focused on what needs to be done that what others say is given the attention it deserves.

The story is full of examples of those who have reaped the rewards of their actions. Bitcoin is one example; those who invested in bitcoin in the beginning did extremely well.

People in action make states of negativity.


When markets are submerged and negative investors sell positive ones, people go shopping for bargains in the markets.

Negative people make things happen well; they create opportunities for positive people to make money.

Those who watch things happen …

These are the people who want everyone else to be their guinea pig, to try every new idea that comes along. They watch other people get rich with ideas in which they themselves have not been involved. They are the type of people who know nothing unless the book tells them to. An example of these people can be found in England, who caught covid during the release of the vaccine, but for one reason or another chose not to be vaccinated.

Procrastination is their problem; they continue to procrastinate, which means they constantly miss opportunities to improve their lives. Change scares these people. You know the story. “It’s crazy to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.”

Those who wondered what happened ..

These are people who do not want to do anything for themselves. They refuse to learn anything new, whether it’s personal finances, technology or updating their skills base. These people have no desire to improve and want everything to be served to them on a plate. The sad thing about these people is that they want to bring others down to their level because it makes them feel better about themselves.

You certainly do not want to be equated with these people, as your own self-esteem will suffer.

The bottom line is that if you are in the first group of people, then expect to meet a lot of ridicule and criticism from the third group. It is best to spend as much time as you can with like-minded people and not indulge in trivia that fills the minds of the third group of people.